SunMaster Fabrics

SunMaster Fabrics

Everyone should be familiar with sun damage – after all, the human skin is highly susceptible to sunburns and UV rays. While fabrics are unlikely to burn and blister as easily as the human skin, they are just as likely to deteriorate after prolonged periods in the sun. SunMaster canvas is Sunbrella’s solution to outdoor products that are constantly exposed to strong sunlight and the UV rays. This ensures that your cover will remain colorfast and intact even while being in direct contact with sunlight throughout the year. What’s more, SunMaster canvas comes with a five-year limited warranty to guarantee prolonged usage and durability.

About Our SunMaster Fabrics

SunMaster fabric has a weight of 7.5 oz per square yard and is fully made of solution-dyed polyester. The material is polyurethane coated and specially formulated to be able to withstand prolonged exposure to the outdoors. What this means is that the material has incredible color fastness qualities to ensure that the color and design you choose will not warp or fade over time. More importantly, the color will remain rich even after being used in high-performance situations where it is exposed to extreme weather conditions and other applications. Do take note that the SunMaster only comes in Khaki.


Benefits of Using Our SunMaster Fabrics

First of all, the SunMaster fabrics come with the same properties that make Sunbrella materials highly durable and strong. This means that it is highly resistant to abrasions, moisture, mold, and mildew. This means that it is highly unlikely that the material will deteriorate due to external factors when given the proper care and maintenance. More importantly, it features high tensile strength that allows it to withstand being used for long periods of time.

Secondly, the SunMaster fabric is easily cleaned. All you need to do is clean it with mild soap or bleach to ensure that it remains in excellent condition for years to come. Not only will this ensure that the cover remains to look amazing, but it also secures your ability to keep the product hygienic and usable over a longer period of time.

By being easy to clean and resistant to the impact of poor weather conditions, this material is perfect for patio furniture covers, umbrella covers, as well as our other products that are designed to be primarily used in the outdoors. The SunMaster will be able to retain its properties for a long time, serving as a reliable layer of protection for your furniture and equipment.

Why Choose Creative Covers Inc.'s Products?

At Creative Covers Inc., we have curated a special collection of materials that are versatile, durable, and easily customized to the varying needs of our customers. As a leading provider of outdoor furniture covers in Chicago, we are in a unique position where we can offer our customers high levels of customizability while still ensuring a competitive price. This means also being able to offer customer services like free consultations regarding materials and other specifications.

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