Patio Table Cover: Rectangle, Square, & Round Outdoor Table Covers

Patio Table Covers

Do you have a patio table that you want to protect from environmental elements, such as rain and snow? If so, you might be looking for a quality patio table cover. At Creative Covers Inc., we have developed a line of custom-fitted patio table covers that will keep your table protected from Mother Nature’s wrath. We provide quality patio table covers designed to fit any size or shape of outdoor furniture, made only using high-quality, durable materials.

All of our customers have access to a lifetime warranty thread (Tenara), and we listen closely to their concerns and requirements. All of our materials are sourced from suppliers and manufacturers in the U.S., taking into account the climate and geography of each region. Known for durable and long-lasting covers, we guide you through the process of taking precise measurements of furniture like tables and sofas.

About Our Custom Patio Table Covers

Our customers can select from a wide range of custom-made exterior table covers made to their specifications. Our covers are made with weather-resistant materials from brands such as WeatherMax, Sunbrella canvas, Nylon, Tyvek , marine grade vinyl, polyester canvas, SeaMark canvas, and many other specialty fabrics. We have a range of materials that can be used to produce custom fit exterior table covers in khaki, tan, seal gray, black, beige, and other solid colors.

Our breathable covers prevent mildew growth and allow your furniture to breathe or get aired internally. They are waterproof and also resistant to heat, snow, rain, and dust. You can also imprint your company name or brand name on every cover, which makes it even more unique.

Rectangle Patio Table Covers

Our rectangle patio table covers are made of durable materials that last all season long. You’ll find our covers at great prices so you can afford to outfit every outdoor table on your patio or deck. They come in several colors, so choose one that matches your décor perfectly.

Square Patio Table Covers

The square table is becoming very popular among homeowners because it is roomy and perfect for large gatherings. This type of table also offers more seating areas than any other model. One great thing about square coverings is that they fit all kinds of tables ranging from round to rectangular shapes.

Round Patio Table Covers

We offer custom-made round patio table covers to fit your specific round tables. When you purchase a round patio table cover from us, you don’t have to buy an oversized cover and try to bunch it up under your umbrella. These covers are custom-made to fit perfectly on your tables so that they will remain waterproofed and stain-free all year long.

Why Shop at Creative Covers Inc.?

If you’re looking for quality and longevity, we at Creative Covers Inc. offer everything you need. From our innovative products to our friendly customer service, we pride ourselves on offering a personalized experience that is tailored to your unique needs. Simply put, when it comes to your patio table covers—we want to be your best choice for all types of creative covers. That’s why we make sure that every order is completed accurately with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

For more information about our patio table covers, feel free to contact us or get a quote from us today.