Sunbrella Marine & Sunbrella Seamark

Sunbrella Marine

Sunbrella was introduced to the world with canvas in 1961. Sunbrella canvas upholstery fabric is now the versatile backbone of the Sunbrella fabrics portfolio available in a range of colors for indoor, outdoor and on the water – along with the same legendary performance that designers, fabricators and customers have relied on for almost 60 years.

About Sunbrella Marine Canvas

With Sunbrella fabrics, you will never again have to fret over fading, mildew, or constant cleaning. The durability of these tremendously popular fabrics has made them the number one option for marine and awning applications plus much more! Sunbrella provides a huge assortment of colors and designs for you to choose from. This fabric is created from 100% Sunbrella Acrylic, is mildew resistant, water repellent and meets California Technical Bulletin 117-2013 Class 1 standards. It also comes with a 10- year warranty. Uses: Grill Island, Firepits, Patio Furniture, etc. Many colors to choose from.

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Benefits of Using Our Sunbrella Canvas

Sunbrella Marine is available for our custom covers line. Creative Covers Inc maintains a healthy inventory of Sunbrella materials in stock and can manufacture to your specs for a wide variety of uses including Grill Island Covers, Patio Furniture Covers, Marine Equipment Covers, Indoor, Outdoor and much more.

Sunbrella Seamark

The Sunbrella SeaMark is an innovative combination of the traditional Sunbrella fabric with high-quality textured vinyl that is marine-grade. Unlike the traditional Sunbrella fabric, the SeaMark has the added quality of being perfect for maritime applications and other products that are constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions and moisture. At Creative Covers Inc., we only work with the best fabrics and the SeaMark is a great example of a high-performance, durable material. It has been a top-rated option for the past 25 years and comes with many different combinations.

About Our Sunbrella SeaMark Material

The Sunbrella SeaMark was engineered to provide the best of both worlds – offering consumers with strong performance quality while still delivering on aesthetics. This material is extremely weather-proof and is able to offer high levels of durability for both indoor and outdoor applications. On top of that, the material is imbued with high levels of colorfastness and is also extremely water-resistant. Other properties of the material include being UV stable, scratch-resistant, and mildew repellent. The material is made in the USA with imported fibers.

Sunbrella Seamark Custom Cover

Benefits of Using Our Sunbrella SeaMark Material

The Sunbrella SeaMark is the perfect material for use with covers for outdoor furniture, equipment, and boats. The designers at Sunbrella have designed it to be able to remain in excellent condition even when used in the most extreme of weather conditions in order to be ready for outdoor use at any time.
Despite being so durable and strong, the SeaMark fabric is still an aesthetically pleasing option that comes with a diverse range of different colors. The color palette is continuously updated with new and exciting options so you can be sure to find a color option that suits the aesthetic of your home.
As with other Sunbrella fabrics, it is easy to clean and maintain. To maintain the condition of your cover, all you need to do is clean the product with either mild soap or bleach.


Why Choose Creative Covers Inc.'s Products?

Since being set up in 1998, Creative Covers Inc. has been committed to providing every customer with high-quality customized covers for their furniture, equipment, and other belongings. From the start, we have been dedicated to innovation and consistently coming up with new product options to suit the growing needs of our customers. With new products and applications, our design team is constantly working with material manufacturers to source for the best option for heightened durability and strength. Sunbrella’s SeaMark is just one of our many amazing materials offered for anyone who is looking to get a cover with us.

The customizability of our products does not end with the material choice. Each item is truly one-of-a-kind as they are specially made to the measurements you provide in the color and design of your choice. This means that any cover can subtly blend into the aesthetics of your space while remaining fully functional.
For more information about our Sunbrella SeaMark canvas, feel free to contact us or get a quote from us today.

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