RECwater Fabrics

RECwater Fabric

The RECwater fabric is a canvas that offers superior waterproof capabilities. This makes it suitable for those who need a fabric that is versatile enough to be used in multiple applications for indoor, outdoor, and even maritime environments. In all, the RECwater fabric is a high-performance material that many consumers, fabricators, and designers opt for.
At Creative Covers Inc., we only work with high-quality materials, and each fabric is extensively tested out before we offer it to our customers. The RECwater has proven to be highly durable and is also covered by RECASEN’s five-year limited warranty against fading and decomposition.

About Our RECwater Fabric

The RECwater fabric is designed with PVC coating on a single side to ensure that it is able to retain excellent oil and water repellency. The PVC coating is specially dyed in order to match the color of the solution-dyed acrylic fibers – meaning that it has a uniform appearance and a more elegant aesthetic. As with other RECASEN materials, the RECwater canvases go through a rigorous quality control process even during manufacturing to ensure the highest quality. More importantly, the fabric meets the standards for the UNE-EN 13561:2004+A1:2009 performance requirements. This means that it is able to be safely used in Europe for any external blinds and covers.


Benefits of Using Our RECwater Fabric

Opting for the RECwater fabric comes with many different benefits. One such property that allows it to stand out from our other materials is that it is highly water repellent and oil-repellent. This means that it is able to withstand damage from being used in outdoor applications and also will not be easily affected by spills and stains. Unlike other waterproof materials that are of a lower quality, the PVC coating does not crack or roll, meaning that any design that you choose will not be altered after prolonged use. This comes in handy considering that it is possible to print on the RECwater fabric for your own personalized design. As RECwater was designed to be suitable for boats that traverse in extreme weather conditions, you can be sure that this material is highly durable and will hold up well throughout the year, protecting your items against snow, sleet, and rain. Another benefit that comes with choosing the RECwater fabric is that it comes with an antimicrobial treatment to ensure that it will not support microorganisms that cause decay even when exposed to moisture. On top of ensuring that the fabric does not deteriorate, this means that this material is highly sanitary and will not pose as a health risk due to harmful microorganisms.

Why Choose Creative Covers Inc.'s Products?

On top of the RECwater fabric, we also offer a wide range of fabrics in different colors and designs. Each material option is sure to be durable, strong, and resistant against adverse weather conditions, but still with unique properties that best suit your desired application.

For more information about our RECwater fabric, feel free to contact us or get a quote from us today.