Custom Outdoor Island Grill Covers

Custom Outdoor Island Grill Covers

Outdoor cooking is the highlight of a good cookout because it allows you to enjoy nature and share delicious meals with your family. Having equipment outdoors exposes them to all weather elements, but moving your equipment indoors after every use would be tedious and inconvenient. Your best bet for protecting your investment is a grill cover. 

A grill cover shields your grill from rain, snow, UV rays, dust, small animals and other dangers. Outdoor grill covers help prevent corrosion and overall wear and tear over the course of their life spans, and most last at least three years. Depending on the quality of the material, your area’s weather conditions and how often you use your grill, a good quality BBQ island cover can last up to 10 years with proper care. At Creative Covers Inc., we make custom covers according to your specifications. 

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The Benefits of Our Outdoor Island Grill Covers

High-quality coverings allow you to get the most out of your equipment by extending its life. We create bespoke L-shaped and U-shaped BBQ island covers to fit your unique island. A perfectly constructed solution guarantees a secure fit, keeping your outdoor kitchen in good condition. Our covers are also:

  • User-friendly: We design them for effortless application, removal and maintenance.
  • Beautiful: Custom covers will enhance the visual attractiveness of your house or business’s outdoor kitchens.
  • Versatile: You may use our outdoor coverings in all seasons and select the finest materials for your climate.
  • Time savers: With these solutions, there’ll be less dirt, debris and dust to clean when you’re ready to use your equipment.

How to Request an Outdoor Grill Island Cover

Requesting a custom-made cover for your grill island from Creative Covers is a simple, three-step process:


1. Take a Picture

1. Attach a clear photo of your outdoor grill.


2. Take basic measurements

2. Take accurate measurements of the equipment.


3. Fill out contact information

3. Provide your contact information.

When requesting a custom cover, you’ll want to consider a few details:


Our island grill covers come in different lengths.

  • Short skirt: These covers protect the top half of the grill. A short-skirt cover is preferable for a built-in island grill or frequently used equipment.
  • Long skirt: these covers extend to the ground and cover all the grill’s components. Choose a long-skirt cover if you want the most protection from wind, rain, snow and animals.

Measure your grill by:

  • Height: Find the grill’s highest point and move down, leaving a few inches of clearance before reaching the ground.
  • Width: Measure the grill from front to back.
  • Length: Gauge the length from one side to the other.


We provide a wide selection of water-resistant and waterproof fabrics. These options are some of our most popular island grill cover materials:

  • Harbor Time Edge: This vinyl-coated water-repellent fabric provides superior heat reduction, reflection and UV protection. It has a seven-year warranty. 
  • Sunbrella: Sunbrella Acrylic is mildew-resistant, water-repellent and conforms to California Technical Bulletin 117-2013 Class 1 specifications. It also includes a 10-year warranty. 
  • RECwater: The RecWater canvas is constructed of solution-dyed acrylic fibers with a PVC coating on one side, making it completely waterproof. This material has a five-year limited warranty.

If you’re unsure which material will suit your needs best, you can get expert recommendations during your quote request.

Curved Short Skirt Grill Island Cover Sunbrella

Caring for Your Island Grill Cover

Maintenance of your items is the best way to ensure their longevity. Fortunately, grill covers only require a little care due to the nature of their materials. Follow the tips below to increase their life spans:

  • We suggest cleaning once in the spring and once in the fall.
  • Follow the cover’s material cleaning guidelines
  • Store it in a safe place when not in use.

Quality Custom Grill Island Covers

Custom Covers Inc. is family-owned and operated with 25 years of experience. We make all our covers to your unique specifications and with your chosen materials. Our custom grill covers will perfectly fit your grill and offer maximum protection. To get our custom grill covers, request a free quote today.