About Us

We are committed to Excellent Customer Service, Low Prices, Prompt Response and Delivery

Founded in 1998, Creative Covers began its operations after founder, Brigit, hand stitched a peace sign on a vinyl cover for the spare tire of her Jeep Wrangler. It was so well liked, that she frequently received requests from friends and neighbors. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, she decided to branch out and began making custom covers for other items. Marketing herself to people with whom she interacted, Brigit soon began to make covers for items such as patio tables and Adirondack chairs. Before long an order for a grill cover came along and this would eventually become one of the most commonly requested items.
With his experience as corporate executive in the healthcare industry, Hector brought his business savvy to Creative Covers in 2007. He dedicated himself to marketing the company online and the company grew steadily. When the first large order was placed, family and friends were recruited to help measure, cut, and ship, leaving the sewing to the experts on staff!
As a manufacturer of custom products, Creative Covers has the unique advantage of listening to our customers’ specific needs and concerns, and the ability to offer a tailor-made cover. Ours is a commitment to excellence in quality products, personal attention, and professional customer service. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Competitive Advantage

  • Our covers are produced with high quality, durable and attractive materials and made to your exact specifications, and handcrafted in the color and style of your choice.
  • We offer and honor the Lifetime Warranty Thread (Tenara).
  • We listen to our customers’ specific needs and concerns, and the ability to offer a tailor-made cover.
  • See our approach in addressing seam leaks. See video in “Resource” page.
  • Every effort is made for you to talk to a live person Monday thru Friday 9am to 4:30pm CST.
  • Designer/s on staff to help and create a diagram specific to your item.
  • To secure the cover in place, we offer a variety of fasteners such as, Velcro straps, drawstring, shock cord drawstring, elastic, zippers, grommets and turn buttons and/or a combination of these.
  • We also offer additional custom options, including: reinforced stitching, reinforced corners, clear document holders, silk-screening, piping, and more.
  • Protect your items from dust, sun, rain, and snow with a custom cover made especially for you. Covering your investment extends its life for years to come and saves you time spent cleaning or storing it. Just leave it in place, cover it, and have it ready for use anytime.
  • Our covers are proudly made in the USA.