Custom Covers for Equipment and Industrial Machines

Keep your equipment from rusting or rotting away. Whether you want to keep your personal equipment secure or you work in an industry that relies on sensitive equipment, Creative Covers Inc. can help. Our custom equipment covers provide an extra layer of protection against the elements.

Popular Equipment Covers to Choose From

Whether you need coverings for medical equipment, trailers or linen carts, we can accommodate all your demands without making you break the bank. Some of the most common types of covers we make include:

  • Air conditioner covers: We provide high-quality AC covers to protect your air conditioner from the buildup of leaves and debris throughout its life.
  • Covers for patio heaters: Protect your patio heaters with covers during the off-season or when they’re not in use to ensure a longer life span.
  • Lawn mower covers: Foreign bodies will not become stuck within the engine of your lawn mower if it’s fitted with a custom cover.
  • Medical equipment covers: Our medical equipment covers can be used to cover surgical equipment and other medical devices.
  • Cotton equipment covers: Our cotton equipment covers are ideal for indoor use, and they’re easy to clean and maintain.
Industrial Water Pump
Custom Water Pump Cover

The Benefits of Custom-Made Equipment Covers

These coverings are designed to keep dust and adverse weather conditions from damaging your equipment. With customization, you can truly make them your own — starting with the exact measurements you need. The advantages of choosing custom-made equipment covers include:

  • Equipment cover fastener options: We have a wide range of fastener options, including grommets, drawstring and zippers. Choose the level of security you need, and we’ll make it happen.
  • Your choice of material: Whether you’re looking for custom waterproof equipment covers or something lighter for indoor use, Creative Covers Inc. can help. We offer a range of materials to suit your needs.
  • Branding opportunities: With our screen printing and embroidery services, you can add a custom logo to your equipment dust covers. Branded covers can make your business more visible to passersby, and they can give your outdoor space a more cohesive look.

How to Measure Your Equipment for Covers

You can view an instructional video on how to measure your equipment for a custom cover. Here is an easy step-by-step:

  • Height: Measure from the top of the equipment to the ground. 
  • Length: Measure the front of the equipment from left to right.
  • Width or depth: Measure from front to back.

Why Choose Creative Covers Inc.’s Products?

When you’re shopping for custom equipment covers, you want to be sure they’re from a trustworthy source. Creative Covers Inc. has made a name for itself as one of these businesses. We provide high-quality products and services, so you can be confident that your money is being spent properly. Every product we sell is constructed of long-lasting materials that will not deteriorate over time.

For more information about our indoor and outdoor equipment covers, feel free to contact us or get a quote from us today.

FAQs for Equipment Covers

What Is a Waterproof Cover Made of?

The best waterproofing materials are polyester and vinyl. These materials keep the moisture out by protecting your furniture from rain, snow, ice and other elements.  Keep in mind of mildew and mold since the material is not breathable.

 Our waterproof materials include:

  • Laminated polyester vinyl
  • Vinyl coated polyester
  • Translucent reveal
  • RecWater

How Do I Choose the Right Cover for My Equipment?

Whether new or old, your outdoor equipment needs protection from the elements. Our custom-made covers are essential to keep your equipment looking good and in service for as long as possible. Some things to consider when choosing equipment covers:

  • Size: Measure your item accurately to ensure the right fit. Avoid the one-size-fits-all options at your local store and opt for custom-made covers. The cover should be loose enough to ease the process of taking it on and off. It should also stay a few inches off the ground to avoid getting wet and dirty. Provide us with basic Width x Depth x Height measurements.
  • Durability: Your outdoor equipment cover should protect from rainy, sunny or windy weather conditions. Consider waterproof materials that offer UV-ray protection for frequently used equipment, such as lawnmowers and air conditioners.
  • Security: Your cover should have straps, zippers or velcro ties to ensure that the cover stays on. These tie-downs are essential for medical equipment to keep the cover tight and prevent dust and debris from damaging your apparatus.

The team at Creative Covers Inc. can meet all your needs with outdoor furniture and equipment covers in various materials, sizes and styles. Plus, we can tailor your order to your specific needs with multiple customization opportunities. Shop our products or contact us to get a quote.