Custom Couch Covers & Outdoor Sofa Covers

Custom Outdoor Couch Covers​

Couch covers are essential for protecting your furniture from UV rays and inclement weather, like snow and rain. Tear-resistant and waterproof couch covers also keep your patio furniture safe from curious animals.

At Creative Covers Inc., we provide exceptionally crafted custom couch covers made to your exact needs. In order to keep your couch set in good condition, we make sure that all our custom couch covers are constructed with the highest quality materials and skill.

About Our Outdoor Patio Couch Covers

Sofa sets are difficult to keep clean. However, with tailor-made couch covers, the process is a little easier.

Whether you need a cover for a large outdoor couch or a small loveseat inside, we can help. We offer handcrafted covers for all types of couches, including the following:

  • Traditional sofas
  • Loveseats
  • Daybeds
  • Sectionals
  • L-shaped couches

Don’t see your sofa on the list? Don’t worry. We can design and make a beautiful, durable cover for any couch shape, size or style. 

The Different Materials We Use

Our couch coverings are all weather-resistant and water-resistant. They are impervious to storms, heat, snow, sun and rain and will keep your couches safe and mildew-free all year round. The breathable materials are created by leading manufacturers in the country and are customized to your exact specifications.

Options include:

  • SunMaster: SunMaster fabric consists of solution-dyed polyester. It’s resistant to mildew and water and is made to withstand harsh weather conditions. SunMaster is available in an elegant shade of khaki to match any outdoor decor.
  • Sur Last: Sur Last is made from UV-resistant solution-dyed polyester. You can count on Sur Last to keep its color in the face of strong, persistent sunshine.
  • Hydrofend: Available in Desert Beige or Iron Grey, Hydrofend is a marine-grade polyester designed to stand strong against moisture.
  • Aqualon Edge: Aqualon Edge is a vinyl-coated polyester fabric that resists heat, UV rays, water and mildew. It’ll shield your sofa from the sun, helping to keep it cool on a hot day.
  • WeatherMAX 80: If you’re seeking a cost-effective marine fabric, consider WeatherMAX 80. This material offers high strength, durability and color fastness.
  • Sunbrella: Do you love color? Sunbrella is available in a range of beautiful colors, from aquamarine to terracotta. This popular fabric is also waterproof and has a 10-year warranty.
  • RECwater: With RECwater fabric, we can construct a waterproof outdoor couch cover to meet your needs for maximum moisture protection. This PVC-coated fabric is available in Black or Linen Tweed.

See our complete list of materials here.

Benefits of Using Our Custom Couch Covers

We craft each cover with personal attention and our customer’s needs in mind. You can expect the following benefits with us:

  • Versatility: Custom couch covers are useful for both indoor and outdoor couch sets. Our custom couch covers are frequently used for garden couches, patio couches and a range of other couches by our customers.

    Our custom couch covers are intended to provide a protective barrier that shields your couch set from harmful elements such as dirt, debris, insects, rain, UV rays, snow and animal droppings. By covering your couch set properly, you can ensure that it is not damaged easily.

  • Long-Term Savings: Custom couch covers are a far more cost-effective solution than purchasing new furniture or paying for pricey repair services. Our handcrafted couch covers help you to save even more money by preventing damage from occurring in the first place. Despite being exposed to severe rain, scorching heat and harsh snow, you can be certain that your couch set will remain in good shape. Raccoons, birds and other animals are also kept at bay by our custom couch covers so they will not damage your couch by scratching or leaving droppings behind.
  • More Time:  Time is precious. Our covers give you back time so you can do things other than cleaning your furniture or shopping for new pieces to replace damaged ones. Since our covers are resistant to mold and mildew and have smooth, water-resistant surfaces, they’re easy and quick to clean.
  • Peace of Mind: Your patio should be an oasis you can return to season after season, year after year. Our durable covers keep your sofas safe, so you don’t have to worry about impending storms year-round. Every cover is custom-made to fit your furniture snugly. You can relax knowing your couch will be dry and ready for you after the storm.

Why Shop at Creative Covers Inc.?

We provide high-quality products and exceptional customer service, as well as quick response and shipping time. Due to our commitment and dedication, many customers entrust us with the production of all their couch covers and other outdoor furniture coverings. Depending on your needs, our products may be used both outdoors and indoors.

We can supply you with high-quality and creatively designed covers right from our workshop, thanks to our great craftsmanship. Our skilled designers can let you learn more about the many varieties of covers.

For more information about our custom couch covers, feel free to contact us or get a quote from us today.

Simple 3-Step Process

To get started, visit our quote page:


1. Take a Picture

Simply take a picture of the item you want covered and upload it


2. Take basic measurements

If we require additional measurements, we will request it at a later time


3. Fill out contact information

All we need is your name, email and state. Then all you need to do is submit!

5 Reasons to Choose Creative Covers Inc.

Our customers have made us their trusted source for outdoor kitchen island covers for many reasons. Here are a few to start:

1. We offer many ways to design your perfect cover. Choose from a vast selection of colors and materials, then add your preferred fastening solution. We can also add personalized details like piping, company logos and reinforcement options.

2. We provide personalized service. Enjoy an individualized customer experience. You’ll work one-on-one with a team member for design services and customer support.

3. We deliver extra value. Get peace of mind with our comprehensive warranties. We also ship orders over $200 at no charge!

4. We have years of experience. Order from a company with a great reputation and in-depth expertise. Creative Covers Inc. boasts over 25 years of industry experience.

5. We offer exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Get inspired by reviewing our previous projects. Each cover we make comes with a dedication to superior quality and customer satisfaction.

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