B2B Distribution

Creative Covers Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of protective covers, and we are among the leading custom cover suppliers in the USA. We serve clients in various industries, including hospitality, medical and warehousing. If your business deals with outdoor furniture or large-scale equipment, our products and services might be a perfect solution for your needs.

Custom Equipment Covers for B2B Distribution

Outdoor furniture and equipment can come with a hefty price tag, so it only makes sense to keep these products protected from harsh outdoor elements all year round. Creative Covers Inc. uses high-quality materials to ensure our covers can withstand all weather conditions. If you have customers in areas with extreme snow, rain and strong winds, we have excellent materials such as Stamoid Light, Sunbrella SeaMark and Hydrofend.

The problem for most businesses buying covers in bulk is the lack of customized design options from manufacturers. Large furniture and industrial equipment often have odd shapes or parts that stick out, meaning stock products will fit poorly or incorrectly. Creative Covers Inc. can accommodate design requests to match your needs and product specifications, whether you need special shapes or want to include logos.

In addition, buying wholesale covers in bulk sometimes translates to poor-quality materials and craftsmanship. At Creative Covers Inc., we see to it that the quality of our products exceeds your expectations. The life span of our covers typically equals that of three inexpensive covers in the market.

Why Partner With Creative Covers Inc.?

As an authorized distributor of our products, you’ll work directly with our manufacturing team to receive streamlined communication, cost-effective pricing and fast turnaround times. We can help analyze your distribution needs to understand your stock requirements, whether you want to keep a variety of products on hand or offer mainly customized solutions. Either way, our knowledgeable and experienced professionals are ready to help address all your distribution challenges.

The primary benefits of partnering with us include:

  • Products customized according to your needs: Get wholesale patio furniture covers for your store with Creative Covers Inc. We offer one-on-one consultations with experts to guarantee accurate measurements and design specifications, including customized branding such as logos to help a company stand out. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll give you a price quote and material recommendations.
  • A comprehensive range of materials and products: We offer many UV-resistant, waterproof and water-resistant materials in various sizes to meet your unique requirements. Applications for residential use include patio furniture, grill stands, firepits and much more. Commercial and industrial uses range from linen carts and storage racks to outdoor bars and medical equipment.
  • Free alterations for up to seven years: Depending on the material, we provide free alteration services for up to seven years. If you need assistance patching a hole, repairing hems or adding new velcro straps to your covers, call us so that we can fix these elements for you. For our residential covers, we offer a fabric warranty ranging from three to 10 years.

Choose Creative Covers Inc. for B2B Distribution

With decades of design and manufacturing experience, we use advanced tools and equipment, premium-grade materials and innovative manufacturing processes to ensure the highest quality for our clients. You can count on Creative Covers Inc. to deliver protective covers that withstand heavy industrial use and the harshest outdoor environments.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and how our solutions can benefit your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use Creative Covers as a Supplier?

The design process involves a one-on-one consultation with one of our designers. The consultation will address how to meet your business’s needs and expectations, including identifying the proper fabric based on the products you create covers for and specific concerns. We will also include a sketch for review and approval. Prototypes are also available upon request.

We keep all customer information, including paper patterns, diagrams and cover details, for future orders for easy ordering. Based on the quantity, production times vary between two to four weeks. Printing logos and designs may add additional turnaround time.