Ways To Protect Your Water Fountain From Weather

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Ways To Protect Your Water Fountain From Weather

As the warm weather season runs down, it will be time for water fountain maintenance measures. After working uninterrupted all summer long, that fountain could use some TLC. In part, you can protect your water fountain’s aesthetics and functions better with a cover.

Here, we’re going to examine how to better care for and protect your water fountain, starting in autumn. To accomplish the kind of protection your fountain needs, check out this list of techniques.

Why Do You Need to Protect Your Water Fountain

Depending on where you live, some months can get chilly or even devastatingly cold. This is why, as the weather cools toward the end of the year, proper maintenance on your fountain should be executed. It’s crucial to prevent irreparable damage caused by freezing temperatures. If you don’t take care, next season will arrive and you’ll discover cracks in your lines because they froze.

The body of your fountain can also be cracked if you left the water to sit in the basin over the winter. Aside from that, your fountain’s ornamentation could be negatively affected if it is left uncovered during colder months.

Bring Your Portable Fountain Indoors

While “portable” doesn’t necessarily mean you can take it with you everywhere you go, some fountains are movable. If possible, in areas that experience relatively harsh to devastating winters, bring fountains indoors.

Cover Your Fountain

Fountains are considered permanent at a certain size. So they can’t come indoors over winter. To prevent them from filling with rainwater and to discourage debris, protect them using customizable heavy-duty covers. If you can’t move it – cover it.

The term “customizable covers” means that you will be able to specify the height, length, width, and shape of your cover. Different materials are available, as well as fastener customizations, personalization, and other optional features.

If you can’t cover your fountain with a customized cover, you may want to wrap it until you can get the cover you need. Some people use an absorbent material such as blankets. This is a temporary solution, at best.

Other Means of Winterizing Your Fountain

Here are some other suggestions to keep your fountain in good shape. Before winter hits:

  • Elevate the base, if possible (to get it off the ground)
  • Remove the water pump and bring it indoors (away from moisture in a warm place)
  • Drain your fountain (and lines) well before the first cold snap

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