What Happens If You Don’t Cover Your Grill?

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What Happens If You Don’t Cover Your Grill?

You should cover your grill after it has cooled down. Why? In short, not covering your grill leaves it open to a wide range of potential harm. With the pricey high-tech grills nowadays, you don’t want to be spending money on a new one every season. Truth be told, your grill will perform just one season if it’s not covered adequately – but it can last for years when properly guarded.

“But wait! If I cover my grill, won’t that encourage rusting?” That’s a question we hear frequently. It’s a myth – plain and simple. To keep the metal on your grill free from tarnish and protect it against corrosive agents like lawn chemicals, grills must be kept covered. There are no two ways about it.

I Don’t Want to Use a Cover

No matter how often people hear that they need to cover their grill, some people just refuse. What happens then? Not keeping your grill covered, particularly if you live in a humid or damp area, can cause erosion by trapped moisture if there isn’t proper ventilation. High-quality grill covers offer protection against rain, frost, chemicals, and more, and – very importantly – come equipped with vents (or offer adequate ventilation by design).

Don’t panic if you forget to cover your grill overnight or even over a weekend. Do whatever you can to make sure that it’s clean and wiped down ASAP. Once it’s dry, cover it up.

When Should Grills Be Covered?

If from the information above, you started thinking that we’re trying to get you to cover your grill 24/7, that’s not the case.

Give your grill a real good wipe down about once a month. Cover it for protection when necessary. You’re going to make great meals for many years to come with a grill that works properly. If it’s going to rain or a frost is predicted, obviously you’ll want to cover your grill. If you’re going to be using chemicals in the yard, or your neighbor is, cover your grill. A sturdy grill cover can even help protect against scratches from small falling branches. The big ones, of course, may still pose a denting threat, but your grill will still stand a better chance of getting through damaging storms with a cover.

Moisture and Grill Covers

To avoid propagating the myth suggested earlier – that your grill will rust because moisture is trapped underneath the cover – make sure your grill is completely dry before you cover it. If you’ve just cleaned it, let it air dry for a while after wiping it down. If your grill got caught in the rain, don’t cover it up while it’s wet. Again, it must be dry first.

Cover Your Grill! Shop Creative Covers Inc.

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Get your measuring tape out and take down the measurements of your grill. Take a picture of it and send that along with the measurements. Specify any special features you’d like us to include. Before you know it, you will have a beautiful cover for one of your favorite outdoor pieces of equipment.

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