Risks Of Leaving Your Outdoor Patio Furniture Uncovered In Rain

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Risks Of Leaving Your Outdoor Patio Furniture Uncovered In Rain

Chances are, you’ve worked hard to achieve the wonderful aesthetics of your backyard patio, deck, fire pit area, etc. If that includes outdoor patio furniture, you will want to keep it looking as nice as possible, for as long as possible. That’s going to mean protecting it against the elements. After all, leaving outdoor patio furniture uncovered is an invitation for a handful of negative developments like fading, cracking, mildew, rust, and more.

When you cover your outdoor patio furniture, you are protecting them against the sun, snow, and rain. Even something as seemingly innocent as a rain shower can have a detrimental effect on many types of patio furniture. Here, we are going to look at ways to winterize your furniture and/or protect it in summer against rain and the sun.

Summer Protection

Unless you’re planning on putting your patio furniture away (indoors) when it’s not in use, which isn’t very likely if your patio set is big and cumbersome, covering it is a great method of protection. You can guard your furniture against the sun’s damaging rays and wetness from rain and dew with stylish custom covers.

Choose the shape, size, and material of your covers to suit your needs. You can also specify added features like closures, embroidery, rounded/square corners, and more. Choose a color that goes along with your outdoor decor or something that fits with nature. Your choices are practically limitless.

Covers can be made for tables, chairs, sectionals, couches, etc. Don’t forget to cover your grill when it’s not in use with a custom grill cover.


If bringing your backyard furniture in during the winter months isn’t an option, it will be all the more important to protect it. You must guard those beautiful furnishings against ice and snow so they can last for years. It’s possible to increase the life of your backyard furnishings by three times its normal lifespan with the right kind of protection.

Again, covering your furniture is your best bet. Depending on the type of material it’s made from, however, there are extra steps you can take. Wood, for example, should be treated/stained so that it repels as much water as possible. Painted furniture should be sanded or scraped if necessary, and new paint applied when needed. Any fabrics,(pillows, cushions, etc.) if at all possible, should be taken indoors.

Cleaning your outdoor furniture on a regular basis will also help it last longer and look better. Be careful with the type of brush you use on your furniture so as not to damage the surface. Harsh chemicals should not be used if they can be avoided. Warm water and mild detergent should suffice. Before winter, furniture should be cleaned.

Keep in mind that the kind of furniture you purchase will help determine how long it will last, such as the material it is made from (teak, wood, plastic, metal, etc.). Certain materials are more susceptible to specific types of damage than are others (wood, for example, can rot or grow mold, etc.). The quality of your furnishings will also come into play.

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