Sick Of Bird Droppings On Your Patio Furniture?

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The patio is a great place to relax and spend time with family and friends. Something that may make the patio experience even better is when you have beautiful patio furniture. However, birds may also find your patio to be a nice place to spend time, which is great, except that having birds around also means having to deal with their droppings. So, what can you do about bird droppings on patio furniture you want to protect?

Eliminate Food Sources

One of the reasons birds may be pooping on your patio furniture is that they are spending a lot of time in your yard. The typical reason for this is food. It would be best to identify and remove these food sources. You will find that the birds will stop coming to your yard as often as they did, and so will the droppings.

Go Shiny

You could introduce shiny or reflective objects on the patio to distract the birds and discourage them from flying close. Reflective and shiny things affect the ability of birds to fly well, so they tend to avoid places with too many. This technique is quite effective and may also improve the patio’s aesthetics. You can get artistic pieces that are shiny or reflective and hang them everywhere you do not want the birds to come to.


Birds are naturally aware of predators that can attack them, and they tend to stay away from places where the predators are. You do not have to get actual predators; instead, you can get decoys of predators that birds are scared of. One of the best ones is owl decoys because they drive away many birds and are affordable and quite realistic. It would be best to keep moving the decoys around so the birds do not get used to them or realize they are unreal.

Go Tech

You could invest more and get more effective ultrasonic bird repellants. These devices emit ultrasonic sounds that keep birds away from any place you want. A single device in your patio will produce sounds that you cannot hear but that make it impossible for birds to get comfortable in or close to your patio. Fortunately, these devices are solar-powered. You can stake them in the middle of the yard and get rid of all birds in your yard.


You could also use strong scents to keep birds away, like peppermint because birds find these unpleasant. Many birds find the scents from essential oils undesirable and tend to stay away from them. The good thing about this option is that your patio will look good and smell amazing. A good choice of scents is a mix of peppermint and lemon oils soaked in cotton balls and placed around the patio.

Get Patio Furniture Covers

If you love birds and getting rid of them is not an option you would want to consider, then patio furniture covers are the best way to go. This method is the least complicated, since you only need to cover your patio furniture when you are not using it. When you want to spend some time in the Patio, just remove the covers and put them in the wash. You should return the covers when have finished spending time outside. This way, you get to enjoy looking at the beautiful birds and keep your patio furniture clean and fresh.

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