How To Protect Your Commercial Parasols From The Weather

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One of the most significant pieces of furniture you can get for your outdoor setup is the outdoor umbrella or parasol. The best options are commercial-grade ones because they last longer. However, despite their inherent durability, you still need to take steps to protect commercial parasols so they can last as advertised. So, how do you protect your commercial parasols?

Protecting Your Commercial Parasol

Safety Tips

Observing a few safety tips is one of the first ways to ensure your commercial parasols last a long time.

  • Avoid Windy Conditions

It is a standard rule that when the wind is strong, and the parasols are not in use then you should close them up or even bring them inside. Strong winds beating against the frame of the parasols wear them out and may sometimes cause them to break. Also, if you are leaving and there will not be anyone to take care of the parasols, it is a good idea to put them away.

  • Get A Strong Base

You can also keep the parasols safe and firm under strong winds by getting an excellent base to hold them down. Weighted bases are available that are precisely designed for outdoor umbrellas.


Maintenance is critical to keeping the parasols strong and in good quality for a very long time.

  • Routine Rinsing of Shades

Experts recommend spraying the whole system from the base to the canopy at least once a week to wash away the dirt and debris. The best option is to use mild soap and plenty of water, preferably lukewarm water under 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Use the soap to clean the system and let it soak for a few minutes before washing it away with water, then leave the parasol to air dry.

  • Parasol/Umbrella Covers

When storing the parasol, you must ensure it is clean and dry to keep mold and stains from growing on it. If you will not store it away, folding it when you are not using it and put it inside. However, you can protect the fabric on your parasol by storing them under parasol or umbrella covers. This is one of the best ways to keep the material from wearing down under the elements.

  • Cleaning the Base

When using an above-ground base for your parasol, you must clean it once a week. To maintain the best appearance, using a non-abrasive cloth and a soap and water mixture is advisable. This is the best way to eliminate debris, oil, and leaves that may collect over the week.

  • Cleaning the Frame

When you have an aluminum frame, clean it using mild soap and water and a vinegar and water mixture to remove watermarks. When cleaning with vinegar and water, use a 1:9 ratio and ensure the frame is dry when you leave it. 

  • Inspection

After cleaning the parasol, you must inspect the system to ensure everything works correctly. Start with the canopy and work down the center pole to the anchor base, checking for loose screws or broken pieces. Ensure you make repairs when you spot them to keep them from becoming significant issues much later.

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