Ways To Keep Your Outdoor Furniture From Blowing Away

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It can be disheartening to come back to the house to find your outdoor furniture blown away by the wind. Picking it up and setting it up again can easily ruin your day. Also, if you had forgotten to cover your patio furniture you may have to deal with dirt as well as damage that you did not ask for. Fortunately, you can put specific measures to keep outdoor furniture from blowing away and keep your afternoon chill out pristine. 

Go Heavy

One of the easiest ways to keep your patio furniture on the patio, even in the gusty wind, is to ensure you choose heavy products. Therefore, these pieces are hard to move and would not budge under the winds. You can get specific furniture created using the following materials:

  • Wood
  • Cast aluminum
  • Wrought iron
  • Steel

These materials are usually heavy and hard to move, even for you. This part makes them a disadvantage if you like to move your patio furniture or put it away after use. The steel and iron may also leave marks on your patio deck compared to the aluminum or wood.

Plant Windbreakers

Planted windbreakers are plants, usually heavy shrubs or trees, that you plant to block wind in certain areas. While some wind may still get through in heavy gusts, most of its force will be lost. Plant windbreakers also have the advantage of sprucing up the esthetics of your back yard creating an excellent atmosphere for a party or picnic. You could also let them grow tall, and they also serve as shade for the patio.

Weigh Your Umbrella Down

One of the pieces of furniture on the patio that get blown away most often is the umbrella because of its design. The arch of the frame and the fabric stretched across can cause it to act as a sail, so it gets carried away in the wind. So, to stop this from happening when you are not using the patio umbrella covers, is to getting a weighted base. Weighted umbrella bases hold the bottom of the umbrella pole and are typically filled with sand. They hold it down during strong winds.

Stack Your Chairs

If you use lightweight chairs on your patio, you will usually find them moving even under low-speed winds. You can prevent this by stacking them together and storing them in the corner of the patio. Their combined weight is enough to withstand a reasonably strong wind. Moreover, it keeps the chairs in the middle from collecting too much debris, dust, or snow, minimizing the work you need to do to wipe them down.

Earthquake Gel

As the name suggests, this was designed for earthquakes, but DIYers have found it helpful in other things, including holding furniture down. If you apply the gel to the legs of your furniture, it will hold them down during strong winds. However, it also makes it harder to move the furniture when you want to, but you can easily take it off and move it when needed.

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