Is Reupholstery Or A Slipcover The Best Choice For Your Sofa?

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Is Reupholstery Or A Slipcover The Best Choice For Your Sofa?

When it comes to repurposing a piece of furniture or revamping it, you will find that there are usually two options available for you to choose from: reupholstery or slipcovers. Both methods can allow you to change the style of your furniture, giving you a fresh and beautiful new piece. Both custom slipcovers and reupholstery are also environmentally friendly because repurposing your pieces is akin to recycling!

Considering its similarities, you might be wondering what are the differences and how can you decide which option is most suitable for you? Below are some key points to take note of before making your decision.

What is Reupholstery?

A professional reupholstery for your furniture can give your aging pieces a new life, however its process requires you to bring the furniture to a shop to be reworked. All padding and old fabric to be removed, then re-padded with cotton, followed by an application of new fabrics to the frame. Loose cushions will be given zippered covers.

This will result in a sharp, tailored, and seemingly brand-new piece of furniture. However, due to the amount of detail and work required, this option will be more costly compared to a slipcover.

What is a Slipcover?

Slipcovers are designed to cover the current fabric of your furniture. It may be designed to fit tightly, resembling a piece of furniture that has undergone reupholstery. It may also be designed to fit loosely, giving your furniture a more rustic look.

Slipcovers are usually cut out during the first visit, then installed during the next visit after the cover has been refined.

How Do I Decide Which is Best for Me?

Considering the time, effort, and cost of reupholstering a piece, it is generally recommended to choose this option when you have a piece of furniture that is high-quality and holds sentimental value to you (e.g. inherited pieces). Even if a part of the furniture may be broken, you can choose to reupholster it instead of replacing it.

While slipcovers may not give you the same crisp, tailored look of an upholstered furniture but they can be removed for maintenance (e.g. dry cleaning or washing them). Having a slipcover also means that your sofa can now alternate between two looks. For instance, a light-colored look during spring and summer, and a dark-colored look during fall and winter.

Do note, however, that slipcovers may not necessarily be suitable for all types of furniture. Leather furniture, for example, may not work well with slipcovers because of its slick surface.

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