Protecting Patio Furniture And Covers Against The Wind

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Protecting Patio Furniture And Covers Against The Wind

It can be frustrating when a sudden gust of wind blows your patio furniture and covers away; especially when you end up spending mornings chasing after them repeatedly. Your time can be better spent doing other things instead of repeatedly performing unnecessary tasks like these. Although there are many solutions available for consideration, here are some simple hacks for you to employ as a quick fix instead!

Add Barriers to Block the Wind

Install windbreaks which can help to redirect the wind flow to prevent your furniture from blowing away. Living screens such as trees and shrubs, bamboo screens, and trellises are easy and effective windbreakers which can either help to buffer or block off wind from reaching your patio furniture.

Although living screens are a natural and beautiful method, this would only work if you are prepared to maintain them in the long run. Trellises may not be as cost-effective, but they are extremely low maintenance.

Using Patio Furniture Covers

Although patio furniture covers are meant to protect your furniture in winter, using a cover can help to ensure that the wind is unable to catch onto your furniture’s broad side by completely covering your furniture. However, this method is not a hundred percent effective. If the wind is simply too strong, or your patio furniture has an awkward shape, even a cover may not be as effective as you hope it to be.

Using Anchors

For a simple and quick fix, consider securing your patio furniture with deck down anchors. These anchors can fasten your furniture legs onto the surface of your deck. They are easy to install and affordable. Do bear in mind, however, that these anchors will only work on decks that have wooden slats. If your patio is made of concrete or has a solid flooring, you would not be able to employ this method. In addition, anchors work best if you do not usually shift your furniture around or you may find it quite a hassle to unfasten and refasten them each time.

Using Sandbags or Weights

If you are looking for an option which does not require much upkeep and your patio is not a wooden deck, a quick and cheap method would be to simply fill a sandbag and place them on your furniture legs.

If you are looking for a more aesthetically pleasing option, consider buying patio furniture weights. They are basically the same as sandbags, just a little better packaged. Some may even fit around the leg of your furniture.

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