Doing Branding For Your Medical Carts

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Doing Branding For Your Medical Carts

When you think of the world’s most well-known brands, it is highly like that companies such as Apple, Google, and Starbucks may have come to mind. Aside from amazing customer service and products, these companies managed to come this far because they have given equal importance to brand recognition.

This applies to medical carts as well. If your medical carts are customized in consistency with your branding, it can help to cultivate brand recall, trust, and loyalty when they require more medical carts from you in future. To get started, here are some ways you can consider customizing your medical cart:

Adding a Logo

Logos are extremely important because it is akin to giving your medical cart a name. This allows customers to have a visual tieback between the product and the company that provided them with the medical cart. Some ways to add logos to your product include vinyl, silk screen printing, pad printing, embossing, debossing, and raised decals. These can be applied to any plastic or metal surfaces.

Standardizing Brand Colors

Colors provide an extraordinarily strong visual tieback to your brand. For instance, green may automatically be associated with Starbucks before you even remember how the Starbucks logo looks like.

Consider customizing your medical cart in your brand colors to cultivate an instant visual association to your company. Most companies will pick their brand color as an accent color for their product’s design.


How your medical cart will be packaged determines your customer’s first impression or initial experience with your company’s product. Ensure that your packaging is designed with your company’s logo or brand colors in mind.

Again, consider customizing your medical cart covers to reflect the same standardized design for the best brand recall even when your medical carts are covered up or placed elsewhere.

Consider Your Medical Cart’s Unique Selling Point

Based on a blind water taste test, studies have shown that a customer’s preference lies solely in the marketing and the design of the bottle. It was not the taste that mattered to them. Similarly, ensure that your medical carts are designed and market in a unique way that sets you apart. This will give you a competitive edge over your rivals.

Ensure Your Medical Cart Has a Family Design

If you have multiple types of medical carts available, or if you are planning on adding more carts to the catalogue, establish your brand by ensuring that there is a consistency across all available products (e.g. similar colors, shapes, and materials).

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