How To Wind-Proof Your Grill

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How To Wind-Proof Your Grill

A grill is not a cheap investment and it brings a lot of fun and joy for family and friends. Grilling up meals with either a charcoal or gas grill is exciting but stowing it away for storage requires specific techniques to ensure it gets well-protected and maintained. One of the most important steps to take is to wind-proof your grill to prevent it from getting knocked over. Consider the following steps to properly secure your grill.

Prevent Grill from Rolling

If your grill comes equipped with wheels, block them from rolling around. There have been numerous unfortunate accidents involving grills being blown right into oncoming traffic, stationary cars, and basically any other properties around the neighborhood. Place heavy blocks like concrete slabs around the wheels of your grill. This can help restrict movement when strong winds blow. Not only can you rest assured that your grill will not be damaged, you can also prevent yourself from being held liable for any damages inflicted onto your neighbors’ properties.

Cover up the Grill

A high-quality grill cover is necessary to secure it from any external elements of nature. Get a cover that comes with fasteners to tie it down securely. Fix the cover onto a nearby pole or slat on your deck to ensure your grill cover stays intact regardless of the weather. A durable grill cover can keep your grill safe all year round even if you are residing at an area that experiences inclement weather conditions.

Anchor the Grill

Your grill needs to be anchored to ensure it stays in place while you are cooking and after. This can prevent it from moving around dangerously during some severe weather conditions. While cooking, always ensure that you anchor your grill at least three feet away from your house or garage. This can help minimize risks of your property getting caught in a fire should something happen with the grill when in use.

Step-by-Step Techniques to Secure the Grill

It is not that hard to secure a grill but it is crucial for you to ensure that it gets done through the right techniques. This can help prevent any damages both to your grill and surrounding properties belonging to you and your neighbors. Below are the guidelines to recap on the steps to take in keeping your grill anchored in a stationary position:

  • Use cement slabs, cinder blocks, wooden blocks, or heavy paint cans to keep your grill in place. The idea is to weigh it down with something heavy to prevent strong winds from blowing it around.
  • It is highly-recommended to use a grill cover at all times when your grill is not in use. It can prevent external elements like rain, debris, and animals from getting inside your grill and cause damages. A grill cover usually has fasteners which you can secure onto a heavy sandbag or a nearby pole in your yard.
  • Anchor your grill to a nearby structure when not in use. However, while grilling, anchor it at least three feet away to reduce risks of your property catching fire during a mishap.
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