Finding The Best Material For Patio Furniture Covers

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Finding The Best Material For Patio Furniture Covers

Outdoor patio furniture can easily transform a dull patio or yard into a cozy space to unwind and dine. Patio furniture is also often incorporated into a yard to improve its overall aesthetic appeal. If you are an owner who often needs to leave your patio furniture outdoors with each changing season, then it is important that you protect it with a durable cover to keep it in its best condition all year round. Read on to learn how to identify the best material for patio furniture covers.

Factors to Consider When Searching for A Patio Furniture Cover

  • Water-resistance: Polyester is an ideal material that is suitable for a patio furniture cover due to its water resistance. It is also a tough and durable material that is effective in protecting an outdoor furniture set from weather elements like snow or rain. Some covers may be water resistant but polyester has been treated to the extent of being waterproof. Seek the professional assistance of our team for other waterproof materials for a patio furniture cover.

  • Weight: The weight of the cover material is also important for you to consider. A cover that feels light and flimsy is not useful in keeping it intact during inclement weather conditions. Rain, snow, and ice will also easily get inside and damage the patio furniture. Covers that are too heavy may be highly complicated to fix and remove which will need more time and effort. They will also take up additional storage space when not in use.

  • Breathability: Outdoor furniture covers need to be breathable. This will allow the air inside to be clean and fresh to prevent mold and unpleasant odors. A breathable cover can also prevent the furniture from being damaged by condensation and mildew. Thus, always ensure the patio furniture cover you are looking for is durable yet highly breathable to keep your patio furniture in its best condition longer.

Protection from External Elements

It is necessary to carefully consider the material of a patio furniture cover as you want effective and prolonged protection from external elements like weather and animals. By determining the most ideal patio furniture cover material, you can rest assured that you get to maintain the highest quality of your patio furniture which can prevent high maintenance costs in the long run.

Water-Resistant and Breathable

Do not settle for just one condition, but ensure you consider all the factors we have shared in the article above. Being water resistant and breathable is the way to go when identifying the most suitable material for your outdoor patio furniture cover. The material needs to be able to withstand different weather elements while being light enough to provide practicality and easy storage.

Proper Storage

After usage, ensure that you keep your patio furniture cover dry and free of debris to maintain prolonged durability. Stow it away in a waterproof container to keep out moisture and animals. Always invest in a high-quality cover that not only provides optimum protection but is also easy to use and store. Contact our friendly team at Creative Covers Inc. for more information.

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