How To Keep Debris Out Of Your Pool: 5 Smart Ways

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It is a hot summer afternoon, and you have been indoors all day, and the heat is unbearable. So, you decide that swimming is necessary and a great way to relax, and you get ready in your swimsuit and head out. However, you find the pool is dirty, has debris and leaves covering it, and there is no way you are getting that swim. If only there were some smart ways to keep debris out of pool, but wait, there are. So, what are the smart ways to keep debris out of your pool?

Get A Pool Cover

Getting a pool cover is one of the easiest methods to keep debris out of your pool and one that requires little time. Pool covers collect all the debris and keep the pool clean until you need to use it. You can get different pool covers. Before getting a pool cover, you must check the reviews on the specific brand to know if it works. Also, if you want to swim, you must prepare to take the cover off before and put it back after you finish.

Clean It Often

The second way to keep debris out of your pool is to have routine cleanings. You could have a regular schedule to clean the pool, but the debris may collect before your cleaning day. So, it is best to clean the pool when you see any debris or dirt collecting on the pool. Get your net and skimmer and scoop the dirt and debris out. Also, remember to clean the skimming basket weekly. Also, checking the lint and hair pod every few weeks before it fills up is good.

Water Level

To skim your pool right and effectively, you must keep the water level at the right place. When you use the skimmer, the water level should be right at the center level of the skimmer. Very high water levels keep the skimmer weir from working correctly, while extremely low levels could cause the pump to run dry. Proper water levels are an excellent way to ensure your cleaning effort is working as you want.

Pool Vacuuming

To maintain your pool effectively, you will have to vacuum it at least once a week. When you want to vacuum, it is best to start moving your vacuum back and forth at the shallow end. You could also invest in a robot vacuum that can help you maintain the pool. A robot vacuum will help collect any debris that falls to the bottom of the pool that is harder to reach.

Tennis Balls

Another smart way to clean your pool is by throwing several tennis balls into the pool. Tennis balls are a creative way to collect oils that may have gotten into your pool. Oils and grease can collect when sunscreen, lotions, and sweat wash away as people swim. The tennis balls have a fuzzy surface that quickly and effectively collects oils that are either synthetic or natural.

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