Is Outdoor Furniture Waterproof?

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Have you ever wondered if the all outdoor furniture you’ve seen is waterproof? You may immediately come to an answer of “yes” since they remain the same and intact after the rain poured heavily. As much as this is ideal, there’s a big difference between waterproof and water-resistant. Waterproof means that it can endure water without causing any damage, even under extreme conditions. On the other hand, water-resistant protection can only be affected only to a certain extent. Between these two terms, water-resistant is much more accurate to describe the outdoor furniture’s level of protection from water; and this can deteriorate over time. If would likely consider several conditions before letting your future be soaked up in the rain, the chances are, you can have furniture that will last longer under different weather conditions. Here’s how you can make this possible. 

Materials Used in Outdoor Furniture 

If you are planning to have outdoor furniture, you have to take a closer look at its materials. Aside from the aesthetics, knowing the material used would determine its durability and maintenance in the long run. The following are the commonly used materials in outdoor furniture:

  • Wood is a good material for outdoor furniture because it looks nice, lasts longer, and can survive different weather conditions. 
  • Metal outdoor furniture is durable and requires minimal maintenance
  • Wicker is a flexible and lightweight material used in outdoor furniture that can be made from natural or synthetic materials and is known for its durability, weather resistance, and comfort.
  • Plastic outdoor furniture is cheap, easy to clean, and resistant to weather, but it may not last as long and can become brittle or discolored with age.
  • Fabric outdoor furniture is easy to clean and can endure extreme weather conditions. 

Best Types of Outdoor Furniture To Invest

Aside from the materials mentioned, did you know that there are materials used specifically designed to withstand rain?  Look for items that have quick-dry foam, acrylic or polyester fabrics, teak, resin wicker, polypropylene, aluminum, or polystone. These materials are resistant to rain, water ingress, and mildew. Teak is expensive but long-lasting, while aluminum can appear flimsy if not used properly. Polystone is perfect for outdoor table tops as it has a water-resistant, granite-like finish that looks expensive.

How to Protect Outdoor Furniture from Water Damage

If outdoor furniture is not entirely waterproof, how would you protect it from water damage? You can’t always bring it inside. However, with these simple ways, you can have your outdoor furniture in good condition:

  • Cover it up! It might be the simplest but this could make a big difference to your furniture. You can use patio covers to effectively keep it out from water damage. As long as it fits, everything will be fine. 
  • You can prevent your wood outdoor furniture from rotting with a simple application of sealant. This coating is designed for wood, which helps to counteract the effect of water damage, such as decay. 
  • Cleaning and drying your outdoor furniture regularly will assist in preventing moisture buildup and reduce the danger of water damage.

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