Tips For Storing Patio Furniture In Winter

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Tips For Storing Patio Furniture In Winter

While you are busy enjoying plenty of summer nights hanging out with your friends and family, lounging on your patio furniture, it might be difficult to start thinking about storing your patio furniture in winter, when the temperature begins to cool. However, ensuring that you properly care for your furniture during winter can help them to last for a longer time. Below are some useful tips to remember:

Give Your Patio Furniture A Little TLC

Remember to clean up your furniture before putting them away. Depending on the material, any dirt, food, or mud left on them could turn into mildew or mold. It is also important to check your furniture surfaces for any signs of rust or oxidation. Treat rusted areas with a rust-neutralizing primer, followed by steel wool (if required) and spray paint it with a matching color. Using a silicone sealant would be able to provide your furniture with added protection.

  • Plastic Furniture – colder temperatures may cause plastic pieces to crack. Clean them up with dish soap and water then air-dry them before keeping them in before it begins to snow.
  • Aluminum or Metal Furniture – Snow and freezing rain can cause such patio furniture to rust and weaken. Clean the surface with detergent and water, touch-up any areas with spray paint if required, and finish it off with a thin coat of car wax to give it added protection.
  • Wicker Furniture – use a brush and dip it with a mixture of bleach and water to rid your wicker of mildew. Gently rinse and allow it to dry off before repainting areas that need some extra attention. Use moisture repellant on the legs of chairs and tables.
  • Umbrellas – Again, use a brush and detergent to clean your umbrella before allowing it to dry off in the open position. Lubricate pivots, switches, and locks before closing it and wrapping it in a plastic drop cloth and taping it up. Put it away in a waterproof area. This will help to protect your umbrella from mold or mildew.

Wrap It Up or Store It Away

Once you have completed maintenance on your patio furniture, the most important thing is to ensure that your furniture is either put away in a storage shed or protected by a tarp. Some manufacturers may even be able to provide custom-made patio furniture covers. Lastly, place a wooden plank on the ground and ensure your furniture’s legs are on it to allow air to circulate.

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