Prevent Your Outdoor Furniture From Flying Away!

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Prevent Your Outdoor Furniture From Flying Away!

Many people build an outdoor space like a patio in order to have a common space to relax and socialize and to enjoy the weather, whether spring or summer. However, one thing that many people are afraid of is whether the outdoor furniture will get blown away whenever there are strong winds or an impending storm. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent outdoor furniture from flying away. Read on to find out more!

Plant a Wind Barrier

You can plant a natural wind barrier to help ensure that our outdoor patio furniture is kept in place. This includes making use of existing shrubbery and plants to build a wall. Not only is the extra pop of greenery visually appealing, it will also help to facilitate conversation when visitors come over or during the party season if you intend to hold social events.

Stack Your Furniture

Another way to prevent your furniture from flying is to stack your furniture when they are not in use. For example, chairs can be stacked up and kept in one corner or against the wall. When you keep your furniture this way, your furniture will be protected from the strong winds and it is unlikely that the wind will be strong enough to blow away an entire stack of furniture. You can also consider purchasing furniture that can interlock so that they can be stacked very easily.

Buy Furniture with Wrought Iron Frames

If you live in an area that is prone to a lot of wind, you should definitely consider purchasing furniture that have wrought iron frames. These iron frames are a lot heavier than normal furniture with plastic or aluminum frames. However, you should bear in mind that such furniture is difficult to move once they have been put in place so you have to ensure that the position you are leaving the furniture in is where you will want to keep it.

Use Furniture Covers

Another idea to keep your outdoor furniture from flying is to invest in furniture covers that are heavy-duty and can ensure that the furniture is kept in place. With such furniture covers, they are able to weigh down the furniture and ensure that they do not fly away. Furthermore, they will not damage the furniture. You can also consider purchasing a large furniture cover to cover multiple pieces of furniture at one go. You may use weights like sandbags to hold the furniture cover down for extra support.

Get Custom Covers from Creative Covers

If you are looking for good quality furniture covers to help prevent your furniture from flying, look no further than Creative Covers. We offer a wide range of covers that are suitable for covering your outdoor furniture and ensuring that they stay in place. Furthermore, you will have the luxury to choose from many different colors and materials. Feel free to contact us to find out more about our custom covers and we will be happy to advise you on which material you should get to keep your furniture in place.

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