Make Your Patio Furniture Last Longer With These Tips & Tricks

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If you want to decorate and add more space for our visitors on your porch, patio furniture will give a spectacular touch to your property. This is made primarily for outdoor use and can resist various weather conditions. However, leaving your patio furniture unattended all year round is a no-brainer. Like anything else,  it requires maintenance and some care for it to survive much longer. Did you know that patio furniture can last for a lifetime? With proper care and maintenance, you won’t be bothered replacing your patio furniture anymore. Follow these tips and tricks to make your patio furniture last longer.

Select Furniture with Superior Quality

It is always a good idea to pick furniture made from strong materials, especially for your patio. There are many great options available on the market that are designed to be durable. For example, wood like teak is resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria, making it an excellent investment for the longevity of your patio furniture. It also has natural oils that will help to prevent it from rotting. This might be a bit pricey, but the quality is guaranteed to last longer. In comparison, cheaper options like wicker are less durable and may only last for a short time. So better inspect the furniture’s material before deciding to purchase it.

Clean and Maintain Regularly

Your patio furniture is more susceptible to dirt, debris, and stains because it is permanently placed outside. This could later result in damage over time. To prevent this from happening, clean it with mild soap and water solution now and then. Bear in mind that using harsh chemicals such as abrasive cleaning tools will do more harm than good. Make sure you are using a gentle soap, like dishwashing soap, and mix a few drops of it with warm water to clean it more thoroughly. On a side note, some materials like wood may require special cleaning products. Having this in mind, be careful if you want to do the cleaning yourself. 

Use Quality Cushions

Even if you take great care of your patio furniture, there is one thing you can’t prevent – the wind. This could carry out specks of dirt on your furniture and leave a stain on it.  Hence, it is important to take your time looking the for the best quality cushion that is resistant to water, mildew, and fading. To protect your cushion during the off-season, you can remove them for a while and store them indoors to safeguard them from damage. The good news is, some cushions are specifically made for patio furniture so you won’t be doing it frequently. This would definitely make your patio furniture easier to clean. 

Protect with Patio Furniture CoverIf

you’ve ever bought good-quality patio furniture, you know that it can be damaged by the weather. A patio furniture cover can help protect your furniture from rain, snow, and other weather, and can also help keep it clean and free from debris. Plus, with a cover, your furniture will look better and be more inviting for you and your guests to use. Make your patio furniture last for a lifetime with Creative Covers Inc. Visit and contact us for more tailor-made covers you need.

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