Is Now The Best Time To Cover Your Patio Furniture?

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The patio is a space outside of your home where you can relax and enjoy the weather outside. Patio furniture is also essential to help us have a relaxing time enjoying the sunshine. However, the weather cannot always be sunny, and other weather elements can affect the patio furniture. Although many of these pieces of furniture are made to withstand weather exposure, a long time exposure can damage them.

The question most people ask is when to cover this furniture. These are some conditions where you need to cover patio furniture:

When Can I Cover My Patio Furniture?

The furniture material and weather conditions will help you know the right time to cover your furniture. Following are some indications that you need to cover your patio furniture:

  • During Moisture Conditions

You might only need the patio furniture cover a few times weekly to increase longevity. However, covering them up during conditions where moisture is much will benefit your furniture. Seasons like spring and summer, where rain is common and humidity is high, demand you use a cover for your furniture. When you cover them, you shield the furniture from weather elements that can cause potential damage.

As mentioned earlier, the furniture material will determine the appropriate time to cover them. If your furniture is made from aluminum, ensure you cover them before the rain starts. Although aluminum is weatherproof, moisture can seep into the furniture through holes allowing damage from inside. If you notice water in the furniture, leave them to dry and cover it up later.

  • Humid Conditions

Although an odd downpour won’t affect your furniture when the wet weather becomes consistent, it can be damaging. Prolonged exposure to rain throughout the summer will cause wear and tear on the chairs and sofas.

If you experience consistent and heavy rainfall in your area, you should cover the furniture to protect them from excessive moisture. All these precautions will ensure you enjoy your patio furniture for a long time.

  • Other Things to Check

You don’t have to worry about covering your patio furniture during the summer. However, it would be best to watch out for debris, dust, mold, pests, and mildew. Dust can dirty your clothes and furniture, while mold can reduce durability. Once the debris accumulates over time, it can become difficult to clean later. In addition, trapped moisture will become a breeding place for pests.

Things to Consider When Buying a Patio Furniture Cover

  • Perfect fit: Ensure the cover is a perfect fit for your furniture instead of generic ones. You can opt-in for a customized cover specifically made for your furniture.
  • Water-Resistant: Moisture is one of the reasons you need to cover patio furniture; therefore, it is essential you buy a water-resistant cover. Always buy covers that can repel water to keep your furniture dry throughout the season.
  • Breathability: It is essential to maintain airflow to prevent water from building up from the inside. While it is imperative that the cover is durable and water-resistant, breathability is also crucial. Most especially when you are buying outdoor kitchen covers, you need to allow the furniture to be able to breathe.
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