How To Choose The Best Cover Fasteners

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How To Choose The Best Cover Fasteners

There is a variation in the types of fasteners for different types of covers. It is very important to choose the best cover fastener for your own need. Every fastener has different advantages and uses so it is very important to find out what each of them does.

Draw straps

Draw straps are the option for every type of cover. As it offers a fast-tightening fit for your outdoor furniture. These draw straps would be ideal for any outdoor furniture if you are living in a temperate climate. Our company will also customize protective covers and straps to fit your outdoor furniture. They are also excellent support and secure the furniture when there are strong winds. They are easy to remove too. It gives you complete access to your outdoor furniture while also tying your furniture securely. You should consider using draw straps if you are looking to tie down your furniture as this is a minimalistic method and it is very simple to use.


Elastics tie-downs are very flexible on the front. If you would want a fastener to secure your furniture better, you should purchase elastic tie-downs as they could not be seen easily. These elastic bands are very durable and stretchy and it protects all of your outdoor furniture covers. It would ensure that your furniture stays put throughout the four seasons. We understand that everyone has different furniture you would like to use this cover fastener on so we would recommend this elastic tie if you do not want fasteners to be very visible.

Push Clips

It is completely fine to be pushy when it comes to finding the perfect outdoor cover. These push clips are perfect for any outdoor table or furniture covers with legs. These pish clips would tie down your furniture to keep your furniture fully covered throughout the four seasons. Push clips are well suited for windy seasons. This push clip would cover the respective legs for your outdoor furniture. These clips are very easy to use thanks to their easy-to-use clip mechanism. The removal of these clips is also very easy and you would be able to spend lesser time fiddling with the ties on your sofa covers. You would be able to enjoy more time resting on your outdoor furniture.

Waterproof Zipper

A waterproof zipper is a new way to better access and secures your large patio furniture. It would be your ideal option if you would like to secure bigger furniture. These zippers are known for their easy placement and removal which would enable you to fit and remove these zippers very easily. Our customization service would allow you to choose if you would like partial zipper access or full zipper access to your outdoor furniture. In addition, the zipper we use is from the Brand: YKK Brand outdoor zippers which are recommended for medium and heavy-duty use.

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