A Guide To Selecting The Perfect Handmade BBQ Table Cover

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A Guide To Selecting The Perfect Handmade BBQ Table Cover

Barbecue table covers protect your outdoor grill from the elements. It can be custom-made to fit the size and shape of the grill table. If it is your first time to hear about handmade BBQ table covers, and you want to order one, here are things worth taking note of.

On Taking Measurements

A perfect custom BBQ table cover is all about taking the right measurements. Some of you will end up buying tailor-made covers sold by manufacturers for specific barbecue models, but if you have older grills, you will surely be surprised by how expensive these ones can get. The key then is to take measurements properly.

Start by measuring the width, depth and height of the barbecue grill. The starting point is the width, taking into consideration making measurements from end to end. Take note of contours, if there are any. From the width, you go to the depth of the BBQ grill. The lid must be closed when you are taking such measurements. Lid handles, knobs and other immovable accessories must be included when measuring this part. For the height of the grill, simply measure from the ground going up to its highest point.  Of course, it will be good to have a grill that covers the wheels of the barbecue, should it have a pair or two.

There are Important Factors to Take Note of

From taking measurements, you must also know which material is best for that handmade cover. Vinyl is considered the best when compared to canvas and polyester. It is waterproof and is not as flammable as any of these two other types. In case you are going for lined covers, make sure that there is an air vent where trapped heat can be safely dispersed thereafter.

Choose one for Safety

Grilling requires coals and it is imperative that you have these cooled down first before you cover them. In order to prevent coal spillage which may hurt any member of the family, especially your children’s little fingers, it will be best to get a grill that can be lockable.

Consider the Price

Oftentimes, buyers have the attitude to choose a product that is more affordable because that is the one that fits their budget. Others, on the other hand, go for the quality of materials and consider that in the price point. In order to help you decide better, consider that handmade covers can be pricey because they are made to meet your expectations. Rather than purchasing grill table covers from time to time just because you have torn them accidentally, why not go for heavy-duty handmade ones that may be pricier at first but can serve you better in the long run?

Looking for a Particular Brand?

Handmade barbecue table covers, as the term implies, are custom-made by hand. When you are looking for a particular brand that offers one, always take into consideration all the other products that the manufacturer offers. Do they have covers for other outdoor furniture too? Can you send them measurements online and then they will provide you a proposal thereafter? All these are crucial to give that particular brand a nod or not.

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