Why It's Important To Cover Your Firewood

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Why It's Important To Cover Your Firewood

When you need to make a fire, you go right up to chop some logs off the tree to get a nice stack of firewood. However, there are times when you will have leftover firewood. In times like this, it is important to cover and store the firewood properly to keep it ready for burning. Keep reading to find out why you need to cover your firewood and store them properly, plus a guide on how to do it.

Why Should You Cover Firewood?

There are several reasons why you need to cover your firewood. This includes:

  • Proper Seasoning

If you want your firewood to burn properly and heat up your home, it’s important that you don’t leave it uncovered. Leaving the firewood without proper covering will cause it to not season properly. This gives room for safety hazards such as methane buildup and carbon monoxide due to excess smoke which can happen when firewood doesn’t season correctly.

  • Prevents Mold

Failure to cover your woodpile will cause it to become damp and that can make the wood rot or develop mold. When this happens, the wood will become unsuitable for use and you will eventually have to throw the rotting wood away.

  • Prevents Rodents

Firewood attracts pests and other unwanted insects. When you leave your woodpile uncovered, you indirectly send an invitation to unwanted rodents and pests like termites and rats. They chew at the wood and make it unsuitable for use.

  • Protection From Rain

Covering your woodpile when it’s stored outside is a good way to protect it from rain, ice, or snow. Firewood needs to be protected from any wet weather that may want to ruin it while it is stored outside.

How to Cover Firewood

Covering your firewood in a firewood shed or any kind of lean-to structure is one of the best ways available. If you don’t have a firewood shed or something similar, here are some other covers you can use for your woodpile.

  • Tarp

Using a tarp to cover your wood pile is the easiest way to manage your wood. After stacking the wood to a location, place the tarp you want to use on top of the stark. Ensure that as you do this, you only cover the top of the stack with two inches. Avoid covering up the sides of the wood as doing so can restrict airflow to the wood and that can dry out the wood. To ensure that the tarp doesn’t get out of place, you may need to use some rope and stakes to tie the tarp in place.

  • Commercial Firewood Cover

There are several commercial firewood covers that you can purchase to cover up your wood pile. Using a commercial firewood cover for your stack will help to regulate the amount of airflow that gets in the wood. While all that is going on, the cover will also help to keep rain and snow away from the wood. Ensure that the commercial firewood cover you get has holes around to allow air to pass through.

  • Buildings

If you have a shed or a similar building available in your house, you can easily convert them into a cover place for your wood pile. Buildings like these are always well ventilated and will be okay to cover your firewood.

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