When Should You Consider A Cord Drawstring For Your Custom Cover?

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When Should You Consider A Cord Drawstring For Your Custom Cover?

There are many types of cover fasteners you can select from to secure or close the opening of your custom cover. There is a wide variety of fasteners available in the market, from Velcro straps, turn buttons, elastic bands to zippers, cord drawstrings, grommets, and more! What you’ll need to do is to study the main features and functionalities of each fastener to decide which one will best suit your cover.

Types of Custom Cover Fasteners

The range of custom cover fasteners in the market is very diverse. Let’s take a look at some of them to find out more about their uses.

  • Velcro straps: If you would like a simple and clean look, go for Velcro straps. They can be used to secure excess material and prevent the cover from coming off. Velcro straps are commonly used on fireplace covers and equipment covers, though they can also be used for travel luggage covers or toolbox covers.
  • Turn buttons: Turn buttons are more intrusive than many other fasteners, as users have to perforate them to the wall or other similar locations. They are typically very strong and secure and can be used to fasten a grill island cover against a hard surface to prevent the cover from coming off.
  • Grommets: Typically made of stainless steel or nickel, grommets are usually fastened at the bottom of a custom cover. You can prevent the cover from slipping by putting a cable through the grommets.
  • Buckles: Buckles are similar to Velcro straps in terms of function, and are also known for their simple and clean look. They can neatly secure overlapped materials and are highly effective at preventing a cover from slipping off. Buckles are commonly used in belts and shoes as well as on equipment covers and fireplace covers.
  • Zippers: Zippers are generally used for covers with average weight or covers made with heavier materials. It is typically utilized to fasten clothes, various types of bags as well as camping equipment.
  • Elastic bands: Elastic bands have to be sewn into the border of the custom cover in order to work.
  • Cord drawstring: The cord drawstring is noted for its effectiveness in fastening tabletop covers, grill island covers as well as counter covers. With a cord drawstring, you will have the freedom to adjust its elasticity and secure the opening of a cover. With this option, it is possible to get the best fit so that your cover can be kept properly in place. Because of this, the cord drawstring is popular among home and business owners for its versatility and customizability.

Why You Should Consider Getting a Cord Drawstring for Your Custom Cover

Due to its versatility, many customers who customize their covers with us will go with the cord drawstring option as their choice of cover fastener. At Creative Covers, we offer the industrial shock cord drawstring that is known for being sturdy and reliable. Furthermore, we place great importance on customer service and will try to ensure that our covers and fasteners are customized according to your specifications. When you work with Creative Covers, rest assured that you’ll get affordable, attractive and customized covers that are proudly made in America.

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