Ways To Protect Outdoor Speakers From The Elements

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Setting up a sound system in your backyard is a great flex and an excellent investment if you and your family or friends spend much time there. They set the mood for the party, and they are less of a hassle than taking out your home theatre whenever you have something to do outside. As with any electronic device used outdoors, you must protect your outdoor speakers from the elements so they can serve you for as long as possible. The steps you need to take to care for this fantastic investment are simple and easy. So, how do you protect outdoor speakers from the elements?

Keep Them Clean

Dirt and dust, and grime will easily collect on the speakers, and they can cover the grill and other sensitive parts. The dirt can prevent the smooth flow of air and even cover the connection plate exposing the speakers to overheating. While cleaning the outside of the speakers is easy, the inside parts may need deep cleaning. Some waterproof outdoor speakers come with special seals that protect sensitive components. You must check the manual to know how to remove these seals or avoid them altogether.

Perform Routine Inspection

Like any other complex equipment, your outdoor speakers are susceptible to wear and tear. Performing routine inspections is the easiest way to ensure you catch any minor issues early before they become major. It is much cheaper to fix a minor problem than a major one that could even cost you your entire outdoor speaker system.

To inspect your speakers, check the outside casing for any dirt and cracks where dirt may collect. It is also best to check the water and weatherproof seals for any wear and tear that may have developed. If yours is a portable or active speaker, checking the aux and power ports for buildup is essential. Copper wires in the speakers are also predisposed to oxidation and corrosion, especially in humid climates. You can use baking soda and vinegar paste to remove it from the surface of the wires.

Use Speaker Covers

Some people may find covers unnecessary, but some already know how essential speaker covers are. Speaker covers are a good dirt and water protection option as heat and UV protection. They keep the harmful sun rays from fading the metal or plastic casing and destroying the grill cloth.

Get the Right Equipment

One of the most critical steps in ensuring the durability of your outdoor speaker system is getting the right ones. It is vital that it is a deciding factor for how long your system will last, ten years or just a year. You could use indoor speakers sometimes, but outdoor speakers are built more ruggedly and with better weatherproofing ensuring they last longer.

Mounting Hardware

Often, people mount outdoor speakers on the side of the house or in your gazebo if they are a permanent setup. Some speakers come with mounting hardware, but anchor brackets or screws are much more effective at mounting. The best anchor brackets or screws to use are those that match the material of the speakers you are mounting.

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