Tips For Storing Furniture Covers For Long Term Use

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Tips For Storing Furniture Covers For Long Term Use

It is important to invest in good quality furniture covers to ensure that they last for a long time. However, apart from ensuring that it is made out of good quality, the way you store your furniture cover can make a difference to the lifespan of your covers. To ensure that they last for a very long time, you will need to store them in proper conditions so that they are ready for use when you need to reach for them again. Follow the proper steps to clean, fold and store your covers will help to protect your cover from getting additional wear and tear so that your covers can last for a long time to come.

Clean the Cover Properly

When you clean your cover, ensure that you shake it well to get rid of all the debris on it. Then, you can use your garden hose or a running tap outdoors to wash your cover by hand. To clean it more thoroughly, use mild soap and warm water. Some tools that you can use to wash the cover include a bristle brush or a sponge. This will really help to get the dirt off and scrub your cover clean.

The Right Way to Dry Your Cover

Before you fold your cover and store it away in its storage place, it is very important to dry it completely. If there is still trapped water on your cover, or if it is not completely dry, mildew and mold may form on the cover. In order to ensure that your towel is well dried, you should use a towel and press on areas that seem moist. You should also pay extra attention to portions of the cover that is folded or gathered as those are the areas which tend to trap more moisture. You can also place your cover in an open, ventilated area or under the sun until no moisture is left on the cover.

Folding the Cover

By spending enough time and effort to fold you cover, the next time you take it out to use you will find that it is easy to reach for it and convenient to unfold, while still looking neat with minimum creases. To fold your cover, you have to first lay it down on a surface that is flat, such as a floor that has just been cleaned or a wide table. Then, fold in the elastic and angled sides till your cover resembles a square. Next, you should fold the cover in half, or until it reaches the size you want it to be.

Storage of the Cover

After washing, drying and folding your cover, you will want to look out for the appropriate place to store your cover. If you typically store your covers in an area that is usually damp, or may have rodents like a shed or a garage, then place your covers in an airtight container first. You can also turn to using a storage bag if your cover is going to be stored inside your home.

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