The Dangers Of Dust Build-Up On Outdoor Furniture

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The Dangers Of Dust Build-Up On Outdoor Furniture

Dust build up is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to air quality damage in your home. Dust can be inconspicuous, easily going under the radar. But it is more harmful than you might expect! Not taking care of dust build up when necessary could lead to adverse health impacts or damage to the household furniture. Read more to find out about the hazards of dust build up and how the issue can be easily avoided. 

Sparks Allergies

Having dust on your outdoor furniture can easily set off those who struggle with allergies. Dust build up is a common cause of allergy symptoms like a sore throat, coughing, eye irritation, sneezing, and a runny nose. If you notice yourself displaying these symptoms after spending an afternoon lounging outdoors, it may be a sign to start dusting. 

Impedes Your Ability to Breathe

Dust build up can trigger asthma attacks. Such risks should be treated with appropriate levels of concern, as they pose major difficulties to those susceptible. Dust build up can also make it difficult to breathe in other ways, contributing to medical conditions such as bronchitis. Those affected may experience mucus-heavy coughing, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, or even fever. 

Leads to Eczema

Frequent exposure to large quantities of dust can also cause skin conditions like eczema. Eczema leads to irritated skin. It’s a chronic condition that can flare up at random intervals, with triggers such as dust build-up. 

Damages Your Outdoor Furniture

One of furniture’s biggest enemies is dust. Since it is abrasive, it can leave scratches on the surface of furniture that dulls its finish. It attracts moisture too, which can eventually weaken the finish of the furniture. 

What You Should Do

Some easy ways to prevent dust build-up include doing frequent dusting or wiping down surfaces. However, dry dusting could also be unknowingly ruining your outdoor furniture, potentially ruining the finishing yet again. Instead, opt for easier and more effective solutions, like outdoor furniture covers. 

Advantages of Outdoor Furniture Covers

Outdoor furniture covers keep your furniture protected from more than just dust build-up. They function as protective barriers against other external factors like wildlife, animal droppings, debris, snow, rain and sunlight. Furniture coverings prevent your dining sets or patio installations from being damaged easily. They’re also more cost-effective alternatives than repairs or replacements. Eliminate easily avoidable damage to your furniture, and keep things in good condition despite round-the-clock exposure to harsh elements of the weather like intense sunlight or heavy rain.  

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