How To Protect Your Patio Furniture From Pollen

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These are several of our best ideas for pollen-proofing your backyard living space:

  • Cover the outside furniture using plastic over pollen periods. This may stop the table from growing dusty.
  • Try installing vinyl curtains into the screened patios. Painter’s falling drapes may work for such purposes. These are convenient to wash.
  • Amazon retails adjusted DIY magnetic pane screens using the fiberglass mesh, which was MSF to ward dust, including pollen off. Try hard to measure the screen size to get the right ones.
  • When the screened-in porch holds a ceiling fan, keep it low. This then may stop dust from just settling.
  • With outside decks, try installing the misting control. By spraying some light water mist on the patio, the system then catches and controls pollen and prevents it from getting on the patio deck.
  • Scotch-guard all cushions for outdoor or patio furniture. This then prevents pollen from dirtying the surface and makes it faster to wipe clean.

Still, as many in the South will inform you, with regards to stopping pollen from getting on your deck or porch, nothing is 100% assured. When this occurs, cleaning the dust is necessary.

Best Tips For Quickly Cleaning Pollen Off Your Deck Or Screened-In Porch

  • With decks, hose off all surfaces like all plastic furniture.
  • With wicker furniture, try vacuuming up all the extra dust. Then apply soap or water to wash this thoroughly. If possible, get a misting hose (not high pressure) to reach the nooks.
  • With cloth surfaces, shake the pollen and clean the wet washcloth. All material that may get machine washed must get done thoroughly.
  •  Cleanse glass tops with standard windows or glass cleaners.

Features To Look Out for When Purchasing Patio Furniture Covers

  • Water-resistance: Full waterproofing isn’t a great idea for patio furniture, particularly those holding fabric. Usually, this may result in mildew or mold, which isn’t porous.
  • UV shield: Sunshine remains the top killer of patio furniture! Get thicker covers, so this gets more excellent resistance.
  • Breathable vents: Purchase some holding vents to stop mildew or water mass from condensing.
  • Fit to Size: To stop losing money or denting your furniture, try hard to buy the proper covering size. Several manufacturers can produce custom covers for all patio furniture. Try to ensure that yours may do!
  • Cloth Backing: The top coverings hold soft cloth backing to stop scratching or denting your furniture’s polish. This may be beneficial for wooden furniture.
  • Tie-Downs: These are strings at the bottom of all covers to fully secure this to the furniture in case of severe wind or storms.

Always Remember to Use a Patio Furniture Cover

Using the patio furniture cover may be a great way to stop pollen from spreading on furniture. This may not just keep out dusty particles, but bug creatures and more insects that make you very allergic. While this style will not take any pollen stuck to your furniture, it may stop the forming of a fresh layer of pollen if applied slowly in advance. The cover may not just stop pollen from reaching your table at all times but can also prevent rain, dirt, and snow from going through the corners. So rattan garden furniture always keeps clear or ready to use and may reduce your pollen removal work for spring. Try using a cover when you plan to leave this outside. 

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