Take Off Those Gas Grill Covers and Fire up These Fall Recipes

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With summer barbecue season coming to a close, many people are putting on their gas grill covers and resorting to their stovetops and ovens. What most people do not realize, however, is that there are plenty of delicious fall recipes that can be cooked on the grill. So why not extend your outdoor cooking season and keep those gas grill covers off just a bit longer?

Here are some recommendations for scrumptious and festive grilled fall foods.

Grilled Turkey

Turkey is a favorite fall protein. Whether it is for Thanksgiving or just a weeknight treat, grilling is an easy and scrumptious way to prepare it. While oven roasted turkey takes about 15 minutes per pound to cook, you can grill a turkey much more quickly at 11-13 minutes per pound. Plus, the smoky flavor that grilling adds compliments the turkey’s flavors perfectly, and is a small throwback to the warmer days of summer!

Grilled Green Beans

Green beans are a healthy, vitamin-packed side dish that taste especially delicious during the fall months. Instead of boiling or baking them, put them in some olive oil, season them to your likening, and throw them on the grill until they are charred. They will be smoky, tender on the inside, and crisp around the edges.

Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Perhaps no potato is as symbolic of fall as the sweet potato. While many people choose to roast sweet potatoes in the oven, grilling them is an excellent option as well. Put some olive oil and the seasoning of your choice such as salt and pepper, or perhaps cinnamon and sugar on the potatoes to make the perfect grilled side dish.

Grilled Apples

It might be surprising, but grilled fruit is one of the tastiest and healthiest desserts. After a day of picking apples at an orchard, put some apples with your favorite sweet seasonings such as cinnamon or brown sugar on the grill and enjoy them a-la-mode or with fresh whipped cream! If you are feeling really adventurous, try cooking an apple crisp over the grill for a unique variation on a classic baked dessert.

If you love these recipe ideas individually, an even better idea is to grill your entire fall meal! Grilled turkey pairs perfectly with green beans, sweet potatoes, and apples for dessert. Cooking your entire Thanksgiving meal outside on the grill could be a perfect new tradition! So do not put on your gas grill covers just yet!

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