Don’t Hide Behind Your Grill Covers, Get Out There and Tailgate!

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The best grillers know that grilling season doesn’t end on Labor Day. Tailgating season truly hits its peak with football season and there are plenty of reasons to take off the grill covers and hit the parking lot. For those who haven’t tailgated before – or at least haven’t hosted before – the proposition of grilling can be a bit overwhelming. This is especially true when you consider each and every year Americans at games across the counry are stepping up their game. We want to make sure everyone takes advantage of every opportunity to grill. Today, we will take a look at the essential equipment to own that will give anyone the confidence to tackle the tailgating challenge.

Folding Table – When purchasing a folding table for your tailgate, it’s important to keep durability and convenience in mind. Depending on the vehicle you are bringing to the game, space will be at a premium. Be on the lookout for a folding table that has strong reviews for it’s ability to be transported easily and withstand a fair amount of weight. You will want your main cooking station to be your new folding table.

Cooler – Having a cooler you can trust to keep things cold on gameday isn’t just important because of the beverages. When you’re transporting your food, you need to know that it’s remaining at the proper temperature. A reliable cooler can make all the difference. There are plenty of reliable coolers on the market that can promise temperature control for days at a time.

Grill and Grill Covers – There’s a great selection of portable charcoal grills that can be brought to any stadium in the country. We recommend charcoal grills for tailgates as most stadiums now have special trash cans available specifically for charcoal ashes. This helps keep you and your tailgating party safe on game day.

Grill Tool Carrying Case – Whether you have all the tools you need or want a separate set for the tailgate, you have options for grilling cookout kits. Most tailgates require a couple of skewers, a fork, a spatula, a pair of tongs and a brush.  Your carrying case can be laid out on your folding table and kept sanitary for a hassle free cooking experience.

Once you have all of the essentials, there’s only one more step to follow. Select your grilling cuisine and get to work! Whether you take off your grill covers to make burgers and dogs or elevate the tailgate with steaks and gumbos, the options are limitless on gameday.  Happy grilling!