Clever Ways To Disguise Your Trashcan

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Clever Ways To Disguise Your Trashcan

Are you having an outdoor event? This could be a barbecue, wedding, birthday party – what have you. You’ve spent weeks grooming your yard, patio, and/or deck to make sure that everything is exactly as it should be. As you proudly scan what will soon be the heart of your big event, your eyes fall upon the one aspect that could ruin the perfect aesthetics you’ve worked so hard on – those ugly trash receptacles (garbage cans). There is no room left in your garage, even for one of them. What can you do?

There is actually any number of imaginative/creative ways to disguise a trashcan. We’ll look at a few of those here, and introduce you to a company that can customize beautiful covers for your trashcan – possibly the easiest fix of all.


A rustic trellis or lattice is a nice way to at least partially hide your trash cans. It can be installed around the front of an area, or front and side, leaving one end open for access. The point is to create some type of privacy screen and dress it up as much as possible.


A beautiful picket fence enclosure can hide ugly trash cans. Paint it the color of your house or use an accent color. Dress it up even further by hanging some potted plants with beautiful flowers. Don’t forget to include a gate (possibly one in front and in back, if needed) so you can get to those trash receptacles when you want to, and so can the trash collectors.

Bushes or a Hedge

Unless you purchase hedges and/or bushes fully matured, this will take a while to grow. The point, however, is to disguise or hide your trash cans behind this greenery. Again, this will go on one or two sides of your trash receptacles when they’re placed against a building (your house, garage, etc.).

Wooden Trash Shed

With an enclosed wooden trash shed, you can tuck your trash cans away from sight and help keep the odor within. Compared to overflowing trash receptacles stacked up or turned over, the smell and look of a wooden trash shed is undeniably more appealing.

Finally, you may choose to improve the aesthetics of your trash receptacle area through the simple use of custom-made covers.

“Disguise” Your Trash Cans with Covers from Creative Covers Inc.

No matter the reason for wanting to disguise your garbage cans, at Creative Covers, Inc., we’ve got you “covered” – literally. Make your trash receptacles less noticeable, improve the aesthetics of the area in which they sit, help keep negative aspects in the receptacle where they belong (odor), and more with our high-quality trashcan covers. They are both attractive and durable and, no matter what you’re looking for, we can help.

Creative Covers wants to be your go-to location for grill covers, furniture covers, equipment covers, and more. Protect your investments – whether they are used indoors or outdoors – with one of our custom covers, made precisely to your specifications. They’re ideal for commercial or residential use.

We offer custom options such as reinforced stitching, reinforced corners, and more. At Creative Covers Inc., all of our products are proudly made in the USA. Additionally, our products come with a warranty and free shipping options (restrictions apply).

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