6 Benefits Of Using Rack Covers In Your Facility

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6 Benefits Of Using Rack Covers In Your Facility

The interior of your facility may present you with a variety of challenges. Remember the occasional mix-up that required your staff to look through every rack before something can be found? Or the times when items were covered in dust and had to be cleaned before they could be used? As a result, there’s an increasing need for simple solutions that can keep your racks and shelves clean and organized. This is where rack covers are especially helpful.

Rack covers are usually made of strong, durable vinyl-coated polyester material and can come with zippered closures or hook and loop fasteners. They are mainly used for protecting your shelves and maintaining the cleanliness of the items stored within. You’ll frequently find employees handling sensitive tools, heavy equipment, or supplies in the workplace. When you’ve got a rack covered, it’s convenient to find what you need and easier to keep it clean and organized. Read on to learn about the six benefits of using racks covers in your facility.

Avoid Expensive or Unpredictable Equipment Repair Costs

Many organizations have to spend an extraordinary amount of money each year to repair the damage caused by normal wear and tear on their equipment. When your equipment is damaged, repairs or replacements are not something that you want to worry about at inopportune times. Therefore, investing in a rack cover is a wise move for organizations with budget constraints. If a rack is uncovered and the items within sustained some form of damage, they must be taken out of service for several days or weeks until they have been repaired. When your equipment is being repaired, either another piece of replacement equipment must be rented or purchased during those days or weeks, which leads to additional costs being incurred.

Provide Protection from Accidental Damages

Your equipment could be vulnerable to falls and scrapes if left exposed. When items are stored in racks or cabinets, they’re often covered by storage foam or other covers that can keep out dust and debris while keeping your valuable items in tip-top shape. If you store servers on racks, you may want to look into touch screen glass rack enclosures that provide adequate protection while allowing access to necessary ports. You can cut down on injuries and expensive repairs by investing in rack covers since equipment damage won’t occur as often.

Increase Equipment Longevity

If you don’t cover your equipment, air and dust particles can cause scratches. Dust eventually builds up and affects how well that part of your equipment is able to work and how efficiently it runs. Over time, these tiny scratches can result in malfunctions in your hardware, which ultimately means an increase in repair costs. By investing in rack covers, you will be able to add years of longevity to your equipment and save money on maintenance costs.

Improve the Appearance of Your Facility

Whether in a commercial gym or a private training facility, custom storage solutions can work to enhance your company’s image and create an aesthetically pleasing interior. You can incorporate your brand into your aesthetic design with colored rack covers and matching accessories like color-coded bands and tubing. Personalizing your space will make for an inviting and more professional environment for all of your clients, whether they are visiting for personal training sessions or working out independently. Remember that every member who walks through your door has one goal: to look good! So offer them everything they need from state-of-the-art equipment to world-class apparel to achieve their goals. And while you’re at it, you can keep everything organized with racks and rack covers!

Protect Your Equipment from Dust

Dust accumulation on your equipment is a bad thing, and it can result in increased wear and tear damage to components (especially fans), and reduced airflow. It’s important to limit dust accumulation because of its negative impact on server functionality and performance. A rack cover minimizes dust buildup by restricting air circulation within your racks.

Promote Safety and Security

Rack covers can promote safety in the workplace by providing extra security for staff members who have to move equipment around or perform maintenance on racking systems. When your staff has to transport clean or dirty equipment, rack covers can also help maintain a high level of hygiene and cleanliness.

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