5 Simple Ways To Keep Insects Away From Your Patio

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Once summer arrives, the patio becomes more useful as you can enjoy some time outdoors with your family. Whether it is grilling a meal, watching kids play, or chatting over your favorite drinks, there are different outdoor activities to explore.

However, the summer does not come alone; it comes with insects that can discourage you from staying outdoors. Here is how you can keep insects away from patio to enjoy your summer more:

Regularly Clean the Patio

The best way to keep your patio free from insects is to ensure it stays clean daily. With an insect-free patio, you can stay longer outside to enjoy the weather, chat with people and also have a pleasant grilling experience.

Always make it a routine to remove debris and dirt from your patio using a broom or any other cleaning item. You can clean during general housekeeping or before settling down to relax. You also have to ensure crumbs from food and snacks are not left on the patio. This is because crumbs and other spilled liquids attract insects to your patio.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are useful to help remove insects from your patio. You can combine rubbing alcohol, witch hazel, water, and essential oils to create a solution to repel insects. You can decide the type of essential oil you want to use: basil, lavender, lemon thyme, and rosemary.

After creating the solution, you can spray it across your space to keep insects away from your patio.

Install Fans

Mosquitoes, bees, and other airborne insects don’t thrive well in a stiff breeze. So having control over the wind will help prevent these insects.

Even though you cannot control the wind blowing in your area, you can control wind it in your patio. You can install a patio cover and ceiling fans to blow the insects away. You can buy two big stand fans if you don’t have a patio cover in your outdoor space.

Maintain the Lawn

The lawn is a perfect breeding space for mosquitoes and other insects to grow. If you are maintaining your lawn properly, it will attract different types of insects to your patio. In addition, many insects are attracted to the microbes in the soil, while some are attracted to other insects. So, once some insects grow in your lawn, they will automatically attract other ones.

The best way to prevent this chain of attraction is to keep your lawn neat. Ensure you trim the lawn regularly and treat it for insects. Waste from pets can attract flies and other insects. So, ensure their waste is properly disposed of. If you are keeping any garbage can along the lawn you can use garbage can cover to prevent any flies.

Avoid Standing Water

You must avoid water stagnation around places where you relax or meet with people at all costs. Stagnant water is a breeding place for mosquitoes and other insects. Generally, living things need water to survive and reproduce, so keeping stagnant water around you will support their growth.

Lastly, if you want to keep insects off your patio, it is important you remove standing water from your surroundings.

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