4 Best Ways To Protect Your Outdoor Furniture From Your Pets

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4 Best Ways To Protect Your Outdoor Furniture From Your Pets

Most pet owners fervently believe that their pet is the best thing that could ever happen to them. It’s indeed true that owning a pet comes with many perks, but the disadvantages of being a pet owner are less obvious.  Having to deal with a pet that messes up your home on a daily basis, scratching up furniture and shedding pet hair can be an issue if you’re not adequately prepared to deal with the aftermath. To help you keep your house as orderly as possible, we’ve assembled a collection of tips to help you protect outdoor furniture from your pets. 

Keep Them off the Furniture

The most effective option would definitely be to keep your dog or cat off the furniture. While training them to stay off the couch may seem immensely difficult, it’s guaranteed to be a worthwhile undertaking. If your pet is never on the sofa, they’re never going to get it dirty, or be able to scratch up the cushions with their sharp claws. 

Regular Grooming and Pet Care

What if you regularly curl up with your cat on the couch, and can’t bear to banish them to the floor? Other tips are also effective and viable alternatives. Grooming your pets as frequently as possible will reduce the amount of stray hair that accumulates on your outdoor furniture. Removing dead hair and sometimes trimming it, or clipping their claws is essential for maintaining your pet’s health. You can do this yourself, or get help from professional pet care services. 

Be Ready for Clean Up

Even if you faithfully stick to the recommended grooming schedule, it is likely that your pets will continue to shed hair all over the place. So, always have something on hand to clean up stray hairs. Opt for handheld hair removal products that can be easily accessed, like a lint roller. Since they can be taken out and ready for use at a moment’s notice, cleaning is made fast and easy.  And for the messes that don’t involve stray hairs, like when your pet hasn’t received sufficient potty training, you’ll want to use cleaning supplies to resolve the mess as soon as possible. Otherwise, it’ll be hard to get stains out of the furniture. 

Keep Outdoor Furniture Covered 

Knowing these tips can be helpful, but sometimes active prevention is the best way to keep your outdoor furniture protected. Get a furniture cover that can easily be slipped on and off your couches, outdoor daybeds and chairs. In case they get dirty, cleaning is painless in comparison to the heavy dry cleaning that may be required for a couch cushion. Certain materials like leather and microfiber may also repel pet hairs more efficiently.

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