Winter Protection Plans for your Grill

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Nothing says summer quite like getting the family and friends together for an old fashioned home-style cookout. Sharing great food cooked on your own personal grill is a pride many men and women share every year, but the unfortunate truth is that it can only last so long. Invariably the temperature begins to plummet, dramatically decreasing the desire to eat – or cook – outside. While it might not be any fun to pack away the grill for several months, failing to do so properly may very well ruin your cook out plans for next year!

Grills come in various different sizes, shapes, and prices, but more often than not they are still an investment. Though you may need to put down a few hundred dollars or more right away, you have the opportunity of enjoying years of personally grilled food. To ensure the longevity of your purchase, however, you’ll need to know how to store your grill. The best solution would be to place the unit in a large garage or storage shed where it will be protected from the elements, and not in danger of collisions from external forces. If you are lucky enough to have this advantage, you’re already one step ahead of most grilling enthusiasts. If you don’t have a spacious, clean, and dry location that will suffice, you can still protect your grill with a little creative thinking.

First, ensure that wherever your grill is going to stand that it does not rest under a tree. Many people believe this will offer additional protection from rain and snow, but don’t be fooled. Seeds, leaves, fruit, branches, and even animals descend from trees on a regular basis year round. Even if a tree is bare, a limb may break off under the weight of snow and damage your grill. Instead, try to find a location that your roof covers and station it there. If you can’t find one, place the unit against one of the larger walls of your house. This will help offer cover from the elements, and also keeps the grill out of the way while not in use.

Regardless whether you plan to store your grill indoors or out, a grill cover is an essential piece of equipment. There are many different types, ranging from indoor to outdoor grill covers, but the added layer of protection provides a safeguard from limitless threats. Water, animals, dust, and much more can be dealt with by investing in the grill cover that best matches your needs. This alone will more than double the lifespan of any grill you wish to own. If you need assistance finding the right grill cover for your own personal grill, contact your local expert today.