Tips to Store Your Grill for Winter

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winter grillWhile many of us enjoy the summer and autumn seasons, winter is well on its way which means it’s time to start preparing for the cold months that lie ahead. As you transition to winter and begin to tuck away your summer and autumn items, don’t forget to properly pack away your grill. In the midst of switching wardrobes and home decorations, many forget about their outdoor grill and leave it outside and unprotected in the cold where it usually hides under a foot of snow. It’s not until spring rolls around that we remember our grill and by then it’s too late to save because it’s rusted and worn down. Don’t let that happen this year; take good care of your grill this winter by following these tips.

Watch the Weather

Although you can grill year-round, most associate grilling as a summer and fall activity. If you want to grill for as long as possible before the cold really kicks in, keep an eye on the weather. As with any season, weather can change quite fast. Know when temperatures are really beginning to drop and when days are extra windy.

Give Your Grill a Thorough Cleaning

Once you decide it’s definitely time to cover the grill until spring, give it a good cleaning before you store it. Make sure all the coal and grease buildup is removed and there is no food residue on or in the grill or its parts.

Ensure it is Dry Before You Store it

Never store away a wet grill since water can damage it, causing rust. After you clean it, make sure that all parts are dry.

Store it Indoors, If You Can

To ensure the best protection and keep your grill in tip top shape, if you have the room, store it indoors. A garage, laundry room or enclosed balcony are suitable areas. This way your grill is not exposed to the harsh winter elements.

Detach the Propane Tank

For safety measures, you should take off the propane tank to prevent an accidental fire. You can store it in the cold, but avoid keeping it in the garage since there is a risk of pressure buildup.

Keep it Protected with a Grill Cover

 Covering your grill with an island cover will protect it from outside elements, keep it well maintained, and keep it clean. If you have a patio furniture set with a table and chairs, make sure you keep furniture protected with outdoor sectional covers as well. These will shield your furniture from harsh weather conditions, prevent paint from chipping and rust from building.