Yard Furniture Covers

Yard furniture covers

Yard furniture covers, created by Creative Covers Inc., are not your average big box retail store covers. These are specifically made to meet your specification and requirement with high-quality materials that provide your furniture with utmost protection.

We ensure that your furniture is kept in pristine condition with the help of different weather-resistant materials that are used to manufacture these covers. The breathable venting allows your furniture to remain fresh without developing mildew or fungi. Our range of materials include Sunbrella canvas, Weathermax canvas, marine grade vinyl, polyester canvas, Tyvek, Nylon, Seamark canvas, RecWater, among others. These covers are known for their durability and sturdiness to withstand any weather condition from rain, dust, heat, snow or wind. All our products come with manufacturers warranty and are made secure with different types of fasteners. Depending on your requirement, we can use any or a combination of fasteners such as grommets, Velcro straps, turn buttons, zips, elastic and drawstrings to keep your yard furniture covers in place.

Besides manufacturing yard furniture covers, we also cater to commercial curtains, industrial covers, equipment covers, rack covers, dumpster covers, picnic tables, Adirondack chairs, tables and benches, ottomans, sectional sofas, fire pits, grill islands, patio bar, pharmaceutical covers and much more. If you want to learn more about our different types of covers, connect with us on www.creativecoversinc.com !