Waterproof Patio Furniture Covers

At Creative Covers, we make it our business to make waterproof patio furniture covers for your outdoor furniture and toys. With everything from sectional patio furniture covers and L shaped couch covers to custom made table covers, we make it easy to protect your items from the elements and keep them clean and in good working order for years. We offer an excellent variety of materials and colors, increasing the level of customizability far and above that of our competitors. Pick the waterproof patio furniture cover material that works best and enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor area. No matter the shape or size, we have the waterproof furniture covers you need.

Simply send us the measurements of the item you wish to protect and we will propose some material you can choose from to create the waterproof patio furniture covers that are right for you. We will do the rest! All work is guaranteed, and we honor all manufacturer material warranties with every product we have including our L shaped couch covers, which our customers love!

Items to Cover and Protect from the Weather with our waterproof patio furniture covers include:

  • Ottomans, Sofas, Chairs, Stools, Bars, Benches
  • Outdoor Furniture of all Kinds
  • Hot Tubs, Pools, and Outdoor TVs
  • Patio Tables and Chairs, Umbrella Tables
  • Heaters, Fire Pits, Firewood Stacks
  • Snowmobiles, Jet Skis, Motorcycles, Off Road ATVs
  • Outdoor Gardens, Water Falls, and Fountains
  • Air Conditioners

Creative Covers Inc has been part of manufacturing waterproof patio furniture covers and garden furniture covers, amongst other products, for nearly 20 years now. As a pioneer in custom-made outdoor and indoor furniture and equipment covers, the company has been leading by example by showcasing some of its creativity via creative handcrafted logos and personalized designs.

There is always a demand for tailor-made products for home improvement. It can include anything from outdoor furniture and equipment to an indoor setting to make guests and owners feel welcome. With a variety of high-grade fabric, colors and patterns, now you can invest in a whole range of outdoor sectional covers that uplift your patio look, when not in use. These covers are waterproof and heat resistant, making them completely compatible with any weather condition. They are sewn to perfection with exact measurement and size to enable it to fit particular furniture that you want to be covered. The team of experts take every piece to be different from the last and invest a lot of time in handmaking the covers that are used by residences across the country.Instead of throwing in a piece of cloth over your furniture, while you don’t use it, now customize it with excellent waterproof patio furniture covers. They do not look shabby and are a treat to sore eyes because of its striking craftsmanship. Whether it is a garden or a patio, fire pits and places, differently shaped sofas and sets, tables or chairs, connect with Creative Covers to design the perfect furniture cover for you, today!

At Creative Covers, we use high-quality furniture covers such as Sunbrella outdoor furniture covers or Marine grade vinyl covers, Weathermax covers, etc. to protect your furniture and toys from harsh weather conditions. From anything related to sectional furniture to tables and chairs, there is a solution for every problem at Creative Covers.Customers need to fill out the form on the website and provide us with the exact measurement. This will ensure that the covers are just the right size and do not cause any inconvenience while putting them on. Custom patio furniture helps to keep your outdoor furniture, tables, carts and equipment safe from dust and rain. All the materials procured are waterproof with high durability. The material differs as per requirement and can range from Marine Grade Vinyl, Weathermax, Sunbrella Canvas, Polyester canvas-PVC, Tyvek, Nylon, etc. These are known for their resilience to tough weather elements and keeps your furniture clean and in good working condition for years. With a variety of colors and patterns, you can now cover all your outdoor furniture, no matter the shape or size.With Sunbrella outdoor furniture covers, you can now improve your furniture’s lifespan and make your backyard look aesthetically standout! All work is guaranteed by Creative Covers, including all manufacturer material warranties, to make your outdoor space absolutely fantastic.