Custom Patio Furniture Covers

Custom Patio Covers

It is quite charming to have a patio in your home, and you can make it even more appealing by using patio covers to give your home a sense of chic style. Our company has crafted furniture and equipment covers for more than two decades for this purpose. Our products are known to be high quality and affordable because we pay close attention to the smallest detail and use precision measurements.

About Our Custom Patio Covers

Creating a beautiful outdoor living space is one of Creative Covers Inc.’s dreams. Our team of professionals helps clients choose from a variety of custom patio cover designs and materials. Designed with weather-resistant materials, these covers effectively keep out rain, snow, dust, and harsh sunlight.

We offer a wide range of materials such as Weathermax canvas, Sunbrella canvas, marine grade vinyl, Tyvek, Nylon, polyester canvas, Seamark canvas, and RecWater. Each material comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and can be customized to your specifications. Our menu of fasteners includes grommets, turn buttons, zippers, elastic, Velcro straps, shock cord drawstrings, etc. We also offer embossing, piping, reinforced stitching, and more

Custom Patio Furniture Covers

Creative Covers Inc.’s custom covers for patio furniture and garden tables are not your typical big box store covers. These are specially designed to meet your specific requirements and are constructed with high-quality materials that ensure your furniture is protected to the fullest extent.

Custom Built Patio Covers

Creative Covers Inc. is the first name to come to mind when you think of covers for custom built patio. We are known for our handcrafted designs and precision work, which places us among the best in the country. With our weather-resistant materials, your patio remains in pristine condition throughout the year.

Custom Aluminum Patio Covers

It would be a shame to have your patio rusty or mildewed anytime soon. This is when a custom cover for your aluminum patio comes in handy. The breathable fabric resists temperature and weather changes, so your furniture remains in good condition throughout the year. Our expertly chosen fasteners and covers can perfectly protect your aluminum patio.

Why Shop at Creative Covers Inc.?

We know that if we offer our customers quality custom patio covers, they will come back to us. As a result, we ensure our products and services exceed your expectations and meet all standards for quality and aesthetic appeal. Creative Covers Inc. is an established business with a proven track record. We’ve been in business for years, and we stand behind our products 100%. With almost a good number of reviews and an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, customers love our covers, and we know you will too! Please feel free to look around and let us know if you have any questions about our products or services. If you’re ready to start shopping now, click on one of our patio cover product pages or use our easy navigation bar located on each page to shop by type or by material.

For more information about our patio furniture covers, feel free to contact us or get a quote from us today.