Gas Grill Covers

Creative Covers, Inc. is proud to be the leading provider of built in grill island covers across the nation. Each one of our reinforced island grill covers is sewn to your exact specifications, allowing you to get coverage that other “one-size-fits-all” brands can’t match. Covering your grill will protect it from the elements, keep it clean, and in help maintain its good condition. Once you own our gas grill covers, you’ll never go back to standard covers! We even have extra-large built in island grill covers; we work to fulfill your unique needs!

We provide a variety of materials, colors and patterns to choose from for all of our outdoor built in island grill covers. Pick the one that works best to enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor area. All island grill covers come with your choice of fasteners; Velcro straps, elastic or draw string. We offer several other options, form zippers to grommets, so don’t be afraid to customize every little detail of your gas grill covers.

Simply send us the measurements of the item you wish to protect with our gas grill covers and we will send you a quote with a few material choices based on your description. After that, we will do the rest! All custom gas grill cover work is guaranteed, and we honor all manufacturer material warranties.

Every gas grill has a specific requirement and what better way to improve its durability than with built-in grill covers! Creative Covers has been a pioneer in designing and creating long-lasting furniture and equipment covers for over 20 years now. With extensive knowledge about materials and their density, the team at Creative Covers understands a clients’ requirement with precision.All you need to do is send a picture of your equipment or furniture along with its exact measurement and see a beautiful customized cover come to life. Outdoor grill cover has become popular amongst home-owners who look at extending their sense of décor to their outdoor equipment as well. When not in use, instead of using make-shift covers or just plonking a sheet over it, invest in custom grill island covers to take care of it. These are personalized to fit your specific gas grill and doesn’t come with ‘one-size-fits-all’ philosophy. Covering your grills will protect them from harmful weather elements such as rain, storm, heat, etc. helping it remain clean and maintaining its condition.All outdoor grill covers come with a fastener of your choice that includes Velcro straps, drawstring or elastic. We also offer other options such as grommets and zippers to get every detail of your gas grill cover, right. Few materials that you can choose from are Sunbrella Canvas, Sunbrella linen tweed, Polyester Canvas, Marine grade vinyl, Tyvek, Herculite laminated fabrics, and much more.

We all want to protect our equipment when not in use and what better way to do so than with equipment covers with zipper. Easy to remove, measured with precision and delivered to perfection, Creative Covers Inc is known for its attention to detail and fine workmanship.All equipment covers with zipper provide extra protection to all your outdoor and indoor equipment and furniture. Right from patio furniture to tables and chairs, hospital equipment to utility carts, sofa sets of all types to fire pits and places, outdoor gas grills to island grills, different types of a canopy, etc. all our equipment covers are made with weather resistant materials. The different materials used by the team at Creative Covers include Sunbrella canvas, marine grade vinyl, Weathermax, Aqualon Edge, VCP, Sur last, Solution dyed marine polyester, RecWater, Stamoid Light, Polyester Canvas PVC, laminated polyester vinyl, Clear vinyl, amongst others. Each material is sourced from reputed manufacturers and carry a material warranty that ranges from 3 years to 10 years.Each of the equipment covers with zippers is also available with other fastening options such as grommets, Velcro straps, shock cord drawstrings, snaps, elastic, turn buttons or a combination of any of these. Protect any of your items from sun, rain, dust, and snow with a custom cover made especially for you. Your protective covers investment proves to be a cost-effective option, lasting you for many years, without any issues.

Get the best equipment covers to save you time in cleaning and finding the right protection for all your indoor and outdoor paraphernalia, today! Connect with the team at Creative Covers to know more about island grill covers and customize it as per your requirement.