Custom Outside Table

custom outside table

As a leading designer and manufacturer of custom outside table covers and patio furniture covers Creative Covers Inc. has been providing excellent craftsmanship to customers for the past two decades. Our motto is to give utmost customer satisfaction for every product created by us.

We have been servicing different residential and commercial establishments by creating custom-made covers for a variety of furniture and equipment. Every custom outside table cover is manufactured with high-quality, attractive and durable materials that are made to your exact specifications and crafted in the style and color of your choice. We also honor and offer a lifetime warranty thread (Tenara) and pay special attention to our customer’s requirements and concerns. To ensure that your covers are securely tied down, we use different types of fasteners such as drawstrings, Velcro straps, elastic, grommets, turn buttons and zips or a combination of any of these. Our other extended features include providing reinforced stitching and corners, silk-screening, custom bottle holders, piping and much more.

Creative Covers Inc. is your one-stop solution for every type of cover. We have grown to become one of the most successful home-grown businesses across the country. With humble beginnings in Illinois, today we cater to requirements for clients across the country. From big corporates to residential properties, hospitals to hotels, we have a cover customized just for you.

If you are looking for a custom outside table cover, you know whom to contact. Call us on (800) 970-0901 or visit our website to know more about us, today!