Cotton Equipment Covers


cotton equipment covers

We offer extremely durable and high-quality cotton equipment covers that are ideal to keep your indoor equipment, carts and items free from dust and grime. Creative Covers Inc. made its humble beginnings nearly 20 years ago, and today is one of the leading brands for indoor, outdoor and equipment coverings across the country.

The materials sourced by the team are of top-notch quality and come with a manufacturers’ warranty as well. All our cotton equipment covers are sewn in with heavy-duty thread that does not allow the covers to tear or rip easily. With careful consideration regarding the hemming and binding, there is very little to no scope of the material coming apart. This makes your covers last for a really long time. The bottom is double-hemmed, making it secure and sturdier. Cotton coverings are perfect if you are worried about overheating of any equipment or if there is a specific breathable material requirement for your indoor paraphernalia. They come in a variety of colors and prove to be easy to clean and take care of.

All cotton equipment covers are specifically made-to-order as we do not believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’ concept. We require you to send us the exact measurement of your equipment to be able to provide you with a perfect fitting cover. There are simple cotton coverings, single-layer and double-layer coverings that are also waterproof to a certain extent.

For more details regarding our range of products, kindly connect with Creative Covers Inc. today!