Outdoor Living Trends You Need To Know

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Outdoor Living Trends You Need To Know

What a year this has been! Forced changes in routine, anxiety, increasing stress levels, cooped up angst, and a general feeling of exhaustion is not uncommon among those struggling through the pandemic. But here’s good news… We’re going to show you how to take the outdoor space you have and transform it into a place that’s trendy, that will ease your mind, and allow you to relax.

So you can create your very own sanctuary, here are some of the top outdoor living trends taking place right now.

Micro Spaces That Are Multi-Functional

Only venturing out of the house when absolutely necessary, families have been spending a lot of time together. Therefore, the space they have needs to be more functional. Backyards have been transformed into play areas, home offices, gyms, and more, in addition to still being the place to entertain. Give your backyard a little makeover attention and consider adding a relaxed seating area for online meetings or business calls, modular cabinets for storage, and more.

However, remember to always cover your furniture or other items that may be susceptible to the elements, whenever possible, for the right level of protection.

Edible Gardens

With backyard gardens to provide herbs, fruits, and vegetables, eating fresh can take on a whole new meaning. This way, for one thing, you won’t have to worry about pesticides and chemicals. Even city dwellers are wholeheartedly embracing this trend, dedicating what little outdoor space they might have to growing a garden.

No backyard? Use your window space as much as possible with pots and planters that sit on the ledge (or place a table right under the window).


You know what they say – “Waste not want not.” This year, modern outdoor spaces are taking full advantage of that mantra. Add a bit of sophistication while giving your yard a brand-new look with repurposed or found articles. Bonus: During your next backyard party, that piece of repurposed furniture could prove to be an excellent conversation starter.

The Minimalist Look

You may not have a lot of money to spend on your backyard refurbishment and revitalization. That’s okay, because the minimalist look is one of this year’s backyard trends. Less is more, particularly when it comes to providing a new lease on life to your backyard, porch, balcony, deck, etc. Replace bulky furniture pieces with wicker chairs or modular units.

Don’t limit yourself to one style when experimenting with minimalist furniture. This year’s way to decorate is through mixing and matching.

Colors and Tones

Though earthy tones work great outside, outdoor living spaces can become monotonous with too much brown, beige, and green. Add a pop of color to break up that monotony. When you’re looking to freshen up your outdoor decor, experiment with bright, contrasting shades on your large cushions, footstools, accent pieces, etc.

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