5 Ways To Keep Spiders Away From Your Patio Furniture

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5 Ways To Keep Spiders Away From Your Patio Furniture

Ideally, every patio furniture piece is designed for your leisure. But what if spiders deprive the pleasure you are obliged to derive? Not pleasing right? You want to enjoy your time after work, time with family, and mini break-out sessions in the comfort of this work of art without having to deal with webs. Therefore, it is important to keep spiders away from your furniture.

Spiders are attracted to spaces. Often, they make their nest in spaces that are rarely used. Since patio furniture is made for outdoor purposes, chances are it’s exposed and vulnerable to environmental elements. Although most types of patio furniture are resistant to certain surrounding factors, most are still prone to a spider infestation. So, it might require more to wade off this ubiquitous species.

Your patio furniture shouldn’t be home to spiders, it should be home to you. Below, you will find five easy ways to preserve your patio furniture from the itsy-bitsy and invading spiders.

  • Regular Cleaning

Suppose you are looking for a proven way to keep spiders away, prioritize cleaning and do it frequently. Spiders are mostly attracted to the most slightly unkempt space. To reduce them to a minimum, it’s advisable to clean your patio furniture often. 

When you clean your patio furniture daily to remove dust by vacuuming and cleaning, it will look unattractive to spiders. As you clean your indoor furniture, make a mental note to do the same for your outdoor furnishings. Since they are more vulnerable, they deserve frequent tidiness.

  • Your Choice of Furniture 

Although patio furniture is made to be weather-resistant, they still vary in type. It could be wooden, wicker, bamboo, metal, or plastic-made. While they all serve the same function, they are composed of different materials and one might likely be more liable to spider infestation than another.

When choosing your patio set, it’s important to know that the wicker type is more vulnerable and might likely be taken over by spiders. Wicker sets have hidden spaces for spiders to take hostage.

  • Close Crevices and Holes

Spiders like to live in hiding so when they cite a hole in your furniture, they are most likely going to make it their home. However, this reduces the durability of your furniture and negatively affects your comfort. If you have a piece of existing patio furniture with open holes and crevices, you can prevent spider infestation and rid your furniture of spiders by closing them up. 

  • Use Insecticides and Repellents

Although cleaning daily is guaranteed to be the most effective method, if spiders persist, you might need to consider using insecticides and repellents to keep spiders away. Sometimes, getting rid of them needs consistent effort. They are stubborn pests and will not leave without a fight. You can also go for commercial-made repellents available in market stores. They will go a long way in ensuring the security of your patio furniture.

  • Use Covers From Creative Covers Inc

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